Plantar Fasciitis?

  1. Does anyone else here suffer from this?

    My husband who is an avid tennis player was recently diagnosed with this. Does anyone have any experience with this who can possibly offer us some tips on dealing with it? thanks!
  2. One the easiest ways to relieve pain is fill a water bottle up, freeze it, and once its frozen roll it under your foot, especially on the areas of most pain. This will help numb the pain and loosen the tight fascia that causes the pain. I can give you some more tips later but I'm running out the door!
  3. Go to a physical therapist that uses an astym! OMG best thing ever. The doctor thought that I had this (ended up being really deep tendious) but I went to treatment for it and they made me do a lot of streches. But the only thing that really helped was the astym. Is like a molded plastic pieces they use to rub out the tendons. Now this hurts like no other because they grind it into what is already sore. And you can feel the affected area and how different the tissue feels but afterwards your leg feels super relaxed.

    I went to treatment for 3 weeks and did everything that they asked but as soon as they found that the tendious was really deep and not superficial it took 2 treatments and all was good. I cried them though it hurt so bad.

    Check it out. :smile:
  4. Any idea how much a physical therapist like that cost? We don't have health insurance.

    the water bottle idea sounds good.
  5. ohhh not sure. the water bottle is a good idea alos pair this with a lot of streches. he is geting plantar fascitis beaucse he eith has a bone spur or he has really tight tendons and mucles. they need to be streched out so that they are not pulling anymore
  6. Hi Nishi

    My DH is a orthopaedic surgeon (specializes in foot and ankle) he treats a lot of plantar fasciitis. I have a PDF file I can send you with certain exercises/stretches and other things that help. Just PM with your email address and I will send it to you:tup:
  7. stretch, stretch, stretch!

    the water bottle trick is great, as is rolling a tennis ball under the foot----feels so good.

    your DH should be careful to avoid anything that requires him being on his toes (e.g., most calf exercises, ballet, etc.) as that can aggravate PF. i was in a walking cast for three or four months a few years ago b/c of PF. no fun at all!
  8. Steroid shots in my feet. Custom-made insoles for my shoes. Had something like E-stim, but can't remember what it was called. Deep tissue massage of the foot. Oh- lost 30 pounds. Podiatrist also wanted me to wear athletic shoes to work everyday. That one was funny.
  9. Email on the way Nishi:tup: Hope this helps:flowers:
  10. I had custom orthotics made for my feet. When the bottoms of my feet get sore I rest them on a frozen gel pack ... aaahhh. My foot doctor also wanted me to wear the orthotics with "regular" shoes but that's pretty impossible.

    Another thing that helps is buying Foot Savers and doing the DVD that comes with it. It's yoga moves for the feet and it really stretches out the bottom of your foot.

    Finally, on the weekends when I'm walking around in socks, I wear foot sleeves by Pedifix. They slip over your foot and literally hold up your arch. They are wonderful!