1. Ok ladies so there is some fabulous purses & accessories now on coach... Is any of you planning on getting something & if so what?! Please share! Since I started the thread I guess it's only right that I list what I want..well I WANT alot but I NEED..

    I don't know how the "snakeskin" will do? Is it real snakeskin trim??

    I'm also getting this b/c I've been waiting for it to finally come out

    I'll probably get more ..who knows LOL But everyone be opinionated & tell us all what you think.
  2. [​IMG]this or that [​IMG]
  3. ahh i cant attach it..
  4. ahh just copy & paste the link..LOL!!
  5. Right now my big plans are these (see attached images).
    I may do a small cosmetic bag instead of the pouch, and I may not do red, though that's leading the proverbial pack. I also plan on getting whichever one monogrammed with my initials, KWL.
    I just spent $500 on a Marc Jacobs bag on eBay, so I might not be able to get all three things I have in my cart right now. That said, the belt is 1st priority (I need a new belt) and the pouch is 2nd. Since I haven't seen the camera bag in person and it's not a huge need, I may not get it at all.
    10094_B4BK_d2.jpg 40024_BKHCM_d2.jpg 90013_B4BK_d2.jpg