Plans for New Years?


Sep 26, 2006
I just spent half an hour online, scouring potential hotels to spend New Year's Eve at... but everything seems to be sold out. Guess I shouldn't have waited until the last minute. :s

How are you all ringing in the New Year?
Good Question! My friend suggested making a schmancy dinner and staying in, but that's nothing new for us. I wanted to venture in to Times Square (I live about 30 miles away from the city) but the big crowds and hassle turn me off.
PHH and I dont really go out on New Years alot.I usually let my ten yr old have a sleepover party with 5-6 friends and let them have their own little Party!!At least the other kids parents have the night free too!!LOL!
I'm having some friends who have children over. Ever since I had my son, I quit going out on New Year's. It's just a personal preference and I have some friends who feel the same way, so we figured what the heck? Why don't we all just congregate at one person's house so the parents can hang out and the kids can play.

Nothing too exciting, but it works for me!:yes:
We have a friend who rented out the top floor of a popular club in New Orleans' on Bourbon Street. About 60 people are invited. This will be a very casual party, no dressing up or anything but it will be a very fun way to ring in the new year with lots friends. I am really looking forward to it!
I'm very low key this year too ... just hanging out with the BF and friends. We have to pick up one of our friends at the airport and will probably just hang out with him since his SO has to work. We may go to a habatchi (sp?) dinner with my cousins, but we might do that the next day too.
this year is way low key... Vlad will be making it here a few hours before the clock strikes 12, so we will just stay home and enjoy the New Year! Maybe outside in the hot tub... under the stars! Hehe
I'm going to the wedding for a friend of the family. It's her second wedding. So, it's more partyish than formal formal. I hope that makes sense. I know I'll have fun, good company, and good food. hehe I also heard there are going to be cute single guys.
My DH will and I will be spending the evening with friends and alcohol LOL, we were both lucky enough to have New Years Eve and day off this year, after not being so lucky the last couple years. :smile: My son is with his dad this year as well, so that makes it easier to find something to do.
We're taking advantage of my bf's roommates being out, and we're going to have a quiet night in. Cook dinner together & relax. I'm looking forward to it, just don't know what we want to cook yet!