Planning Visit to Prada Outlet in Florence in November

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  1. I'm looking for any info on this, I'd love to visit while I'm there -- looking at maps and trying to find a way to hit that at the Gucci Maill - they are so far apart and hubby doesn't want to spend all day shopping so we're thinking of renting a car, arrive at Prada for opening and driving on our own between the two -- any comments on this idea and notes on the Prada outlet? I'm so excited and hope to make the best use of my time that day and give hubby a mid day break doing some scenic drive before we hit the Gucci mall then have a romantic dinner after.

  2. i was there in 2001. we drove from florence and i have to say, it was the most stressful time i have ever had in my life... the roads in florence were so small and a lot of the times when you headed to wrong way you can't turn back. once you get through that, you have to navigate yourself along the country side. not as bad. but can be as bewildering as all the signs were in italian. we had 'lonely planet' as our guide and it was a good guide. but an extra map is always handy. and always ask when you are lost, most of the people around know that the tourists around there only have one or two destinations they are looking for: prada or gucci. once you are at the prada outlet, it will be WORTH IT! (i chose not to go to gucci, because as you said, they are not in the same direction). they have so many styles there that we may not have in our region because our regional prada buyer - or whatever they are - decided not to pick them for marketing reasons.

    a friend suggested getting a train or taxi to prada outlet and back if you are based in florence. less anxiety. but less adventure as well.

    as far as food is concerned, from my recollection they have a cafe at the prada outlet. i am not sure about the gucci outlet, but the prada one was in the middle of nowhere. so you might have to plan dinner elsewhere and be mindful about the time you need to drive there from the outlet/s.

    have fun! i wish you can take pictures and show them to us and we can pick which we want and you can buy on our behalf!!!
  3. Hello! I went to the prada outlet last november. What I did was take the train from florence to the train station located closest to the outlet. Once you get out of the train station, there are taxi drivers who know exactly why you are there and where you need to go :smile:. It's only about a 10 minute drive to the outlet from the train station. The taxi driver I met had deals where he would take you to the prada outlet, pick you up whenever you were done, take you to the gucci outlet, then back to the train station. Basically be your chaffeur for the day. I don't remember exactly but I believe the total cost for that deal was around 80-120 US dollars.
  4. Some marvelous information ladies! My husband is really going to appreciate it too :smile: Love the train / taxi option as well.. hope that's still available .. sounds better than the rental car idea and would still give me some flexibility on my shopping time! -- and you bet if I can pull this off there'll be pics and a review when I get back :smile:
  5. Now I'm having fun checking out all of the links - my husband isn't bad with Italian and has already started to think of the adventure of driving the countryside for the day - so not sure yet what options we'll do ... back to my reserach! Love to hear about what anyone saw at the outlets - I'm guessing its going to be pretty random - is it mostly RTW or lots of shoes bags scarfs too?
  6. If you're staying Florence, you could ask your hotel to book a car for you to visit the outlets - your chauffeur for the day! It should cost around 100 Euros. I suggest you go to The Mall & Prada. I've also included the D&G address in case you're interested.

    The Mall
    Via Europa, 8
    Tel. 055-8657775

    Outlet Prada
    Località Levanella
    Tel: 055-91901

    Dolce & Gabbana
    Via S.Maria Maddalena, 49
    Tel. 055-8331300

    These are open till about 7pm so, depending on how fast you shop, you should be able to complete this in an afternoon - say from 2:30pm. You can be back in Florence by dinner time. The cafe at The Mall is better than the one at Prada. There is a restaurant near The Mall, but I don't know the name and if it's good.

    If you want to drive, hire a car with GPS. Driving in Italy is fun (look for blog entries about this) but I can't imagine doing it with just a map.

    The shopping is alright. They all have clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories. We have always left with something and felt happy about the purchases.

  7. Super points! Wow thanks for the details :smile: GPS is a marvelous idea!!!! Thanks CathyBwork :smile:

    We are in Florence for 3 days, 2 full sightseeing then one for me shopping or both of us shopping/touring the countryside if it works out which I hope.

    You think it can all be done in an afternoon? That would be awesome! Otherwise,

    My main concern is 1. hubby doesn't want to just dedicate the day to shop so he feels if we rent a car he can spend the trip between the outlets exploring a bit and visit some of the sites between. or

    2. I go on my own, do a tour or take the driver on my own, he says he wont come then, I'd rather have company -- he doesn't want to just "drive to shops and shop" all day.

    Lol they should just place the shopping at the top of the Duomo and we could get both in JK !!!!
  8. You know, the countryside around Florence is absolutely stunning -- if you google map the town of Montevarchi -- it looks like it's right on the main highway to Rome -- which is a big freeway type affair so that part could be fast -- then the countryside to the west near Chianti is the stuff of postcards and you could take a smaller road back north to Florence. My husband LOVED driving in Italy as long as we were out of the towns. I did it with a plain old paper map and I don't speak Italian and had never been there before, but GPS would definitely make it even easier.
  9. Excellent! He mentioned going near Chianti on the drive.
  10. Just a suggestion, you might want to call and check what time they open on Mondays.

    If I'm not mistaken, there is one day in the week when they open later than usual (I think it was Monday or maybe this was just on the week I was there) so maybe get your hotel to call and double check opening times to be on the safe side!
  11. Good point! We'll be able to do this Thursday or Friday so I better check.
  12. wow, I visited Florence last year, but I had no idea they have Prada outlet!! :wtf:
  13. What you could do is leave Firenze early on shopping day and head for Chianti (20km south of Florence). Aim for Radda (SS222?) then head East by early afternoon to hit Montevarchi (start of shopping at Prada) then follow the road north (SS67?) towards Leccio (shop until the mall closes), before driving back to Firenze in time for dinner. If you feel you can stretch your time, you can make Siena your first stop (70km south of Florence.)

    I usually plan my route on Via Michelin to manage driving time, stops, and speedcam info if relevant. I print it too in case I have a specific route that I want the GPS to take. Also, it provides me detailed info in case my GPS gets confused.

    I also remember that The Mall runs a shuttle from Florence. Prada might have one as well. Give them a call as they might have suggestions for you.

    My husband shops too so he enjoys going to these places with me. It doesn't take us very long to shop though so we are able to do other Tuscany activities on the day. Enjoy your holiday!
  14. Taking notes, ... thanks Cathybwork :smile:
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