Planning visit to HongKong LV Boutique

  1. Hi all, when I am visiting Hong Kong next month I am planning a visit and possible collection purchase :rolleyes:

    Does anyone know if the boutiques in Asia or speciaifically HongKong (there are 4 or 5) have items UNIQUE to the locale?
  2. I don't think so. What they sell in the USA/Canada is pretty much what they sell in Hong Kong. The only place I know that they'd have unique items is probably Japan.
  3. The price is higher in hong kong at least in the LV stores.
  4. I didn't think LV had bags exclusively for a particular location.. Japan maybe.. but I don't think H.K....
  5. while the prices in hong kong are higher than in canada and united states, you save the tax since you don't pay tax in hong kong...
    i got my tresor wallet from the lee gardens lv in hong kong a few months ago for 3650 hkd... which wuz about 540 canadian... had i bought it in canada (ontario) it would have cost me 570 with the tax (500 without)...
    and in usd 3650 hkd is about 570 usd (the tresor is 565 usd)
    so unless you're buying lv in alberta or buying it tax free in the usd, you'd be able to save a bit when you buy it in hkd...
    hope that helps!
  6. thats true. Hong Kong has very similar items to the rest of the world. Japan has very unique items.....never seen before....I have a couple of japanese LV magazines and there ae tons of different stuff in there.
  7. Agreeing with everyone else here that Japan is the place with the special release items, not Hong Kong.

    And also, yes you do save on taxes when you buy in HK, I just recently purchased my Epi Passy :heart: and saved AU$176 in taxes :tender: . It's only good to get bags in HK because you save much more in taxes. If you just get a wallet or other accessories, you might as well get it in where you live because the tax savings are not that huge.
  8. I had originally thought that it would be cheaper to purchase in HK as well, to save on taxes. And it is, don't get me wrong.. but it also depends on where you live (the amount of the tax) and the amount of the goods that you are buying. I had originally wanted to purchase two items, and I had actually called HK to find out the amount of the items in USD. The amount is essentially the same, but with an additional (approximate) $5, give or take. Where I'm from, the tax is 8.375%, so purchasing from HK would be most ideal, but with Eluxury, no tax is charged and now the shipping is only $12.50. That, combined with savings from ****** (3%), you should really do the math and see what is most beneficial to you. I had taken advantage of the recent free shipping so I decided to purchase from Elux instead. But with having said that, I don't know if you are based in the US or outside, because Elux does not ship to outside of the US.
    Hope this helps!!
    Sorry for the long post!!
  9. I'm a little confused with your post.
    Are you saying that you bought your wallet for 3650 HKD, which equals 540 CAD, which equals 570 USD? :confused1: Do you mean it was 540 USD and 570 CAD??

    Personally I don't see buying LV in HK is worth it...if you're planning on buying loads there, that is. When you take it all back to the US/Canada, you'll have to declare it on the customs form, and lying isn't an option since they actually check now! So you may end up having to pay tax/duties in the end when you return to the US/Canada anyways.
  10. Not sure if i am too late answering this but there are quite a few LV stores in HK ... the thing is you really should go to the flagship store in Central ... it is a gorgeous store ... can't miss it ... and it has everything under one roof ... the jewelry, plus shoes and a bag bar for all the bags ... the best thing is if you are looking for a particular bag, if it is not at that location, they will locate it for you ... but do remember that we tend to get things late here ... like the miroir collections which i assume is at least in the windows in Paris and New York .... not here yet ...

    I would also try the LV at Lee Gardens, this place tends to carry more of the higher priced bags, such as the new one that is more expensive than the kelly (not sure what it is called) as this shop caters more to the local clientele as opposed to tourists ... I would avoid going to the LV boutiques that are not on HK island ... you will just be maddened by waiting on lines that go on for miles ... a lot of the mainland Chinese come to HK as prices are less expensive than in Shanghai or Beijing ....

    you do save on tax but not for long as the HK govt is debating whether or not to start a GST soon. But for now it is worth it ... My DH went to the Central flagship location to get me a Manhattan PM ... they didn't have one but shipped one to him right away from the Lee Gardens store.
  11. If you're going HK for LV, I would advise you drop by their 2nd hand stores such as Milan Station for good buys (They sell auth). If you're short of LE items, they usually have LE items for sale and you can bargain if you're buying a few pieces.

    You can get items in fantastic condition and the price is much easier on the pocket too! Just IMO.
  12. yes, i agree about the milan station. it is a must visit for anyone going to hong kong. they carry pretty much all the name brands in gently used condition and nwt condition. bring cash there if you want to bargain because you will more likely get the price reduced as opposed to using your credit card. have fun shopping in hong kong!

  13. Where is Milan Station?? Maybe I'll get my aunt to bring me there next month when I visit.. hehehehe... :angel:
  14. There are Milan Stations all around Hong Kong...but if it will be a one-stop shop for you, I recommend the one in Causeway Bay (Times Square). It is heaven!!! At least ask for a 10% discount...that they can give you, no problem...and the price paying by credit card ahould be about 2% more. Don't tell them that you want 10% off...just ask for the best price...and if it is not at least 10%...tell them that you need it to be. Sometimes they do more!!!! Milan Station is my most favourite place to buy bags...enjoy!!
  15. Thank you for the info!!! :flowers: