Planning trip to disney....what bag?

  1. Oh no...what bag should I take to disney???????? I might be naked without a LV but I dont think I want to schlep a LV around the parks. Oh no...what to do!

  2. i think i vaguely remember swanky saying she was taking the gucci belt pack?.......seems like a really great hands-free option :P
  3. Do you have a small shoulder bag? Like a pleaty or mini pleaty or pochette? I'm in love with my mini pleaty. It's good for on the go.
  4. Yah, anything that can keep your hands free. May be a shoulder bag.
  5. I guess this means I have to buy a new bag...darn darn darn :smile:
  6. Do you plan to ride? How old are your children? I vote for speedy! (I know I always say that!) I say this because you won't have to worry about the bag and no one can pick pocket a bag that is hand carried.
    Also-- if you have a child in a stroller speedy easily fits underneath!!
  7. I have three kids 5, 12, 12 and speedy wont work. I do the rides ALOT! We do all the water flumes and get soaked. So I guess I have to carry a crappy bag. But I will be rocking some hot Chanel Sunnies! LOL

  8. i wouldn't take ANYTHING nice. not with little, hip-high, sticky, walking time bombs everywhere.
  9. I never take any handbag to a theme park. We take a cheapy backpack and/or fanny packs.
  10. I ONLY use my nylon Prada messenger things tend to get NO leather!!!!!!!!!!

    PS- you can borrow mine!LOL! BUT somehow I think you would rather shop for a new one!!!!
  11. Ha Ha sooo true!


    PS I am going to go in bag withdrawal.:cry:
  12. LOL You got that right Jill!! LOL

    Another excuse to shop! like I need one!

  13. I'd sacrifice being stylish and take something that you don't mind getting beat up, rained on or possibly stepped on :P Maybe go to Target and pick up cute, cheap tote that you can carry on your shoulder?
  14. :sick: Did you just say Target to me? :cry: Target? I thought you were my enabler? :amazed: You are supposed to drag me into the depths of the shopping abyss :huh: Even Jill suggested Nylon Prada. :idea: But Target? I expected better of you Cristina. :evil:

  15. LMAO!! :nuts::lol::biggrin:
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