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  1. Hi everyone...

    firstly, if this has been covered elsewhere please accept my apologies, I have spent some time searching the forum but I can't find all the answers I am after... I am hoping someone can give me some advice on the following...

    The plan is to be in Paris around the end of January for a sporting event that DH wishes to go to .... we can are thinking of going touring somewhere else and then spending a bit of time in Paris... either mid Jan or mid Feb....

    Of course, I want to visit H..... lots of times (naturally)... but wonder this:

    1. do they still have the Museum at FSH... and is it possible to gain access? and if so, how?

    2. there are 2 bags I am hoping to purchase (along with a few other mementos)... is there anyway I can be guaranteed of securing them? I am after a Picotin and Victoria, and want to purchase there as they are soooo much more expensive here at home.

    3. I had read on someone's post here that the craftsmen at FSH had stamped up their Birkin I believe it was, with their initials.... is it possible to ask to have this done on the 2 bags I am interested in?

    4. I think the FSH sale is in Jan - can someone confirm dates/times, or would I be better to go before or after the sale to secure the items I want... oh, and what do they have on sale?

    I would greatly appreciate any advice you may have.

    thanks, angela
  2. When I visited FSH in the week of 20 to 24 Sep, stocks were pretty low. Spotted several picotin and victoria but all are not of those pop colors. The poppest color I saw for victoria is rubis.

    As to museum, it is not opened to public. Unless you are a VIP, they will not grant you access as I understand.

    If you want to secure purchase of items, why dont you try to call them in advance and tell them what you want? Just a suggestion. I have not tried this. I doubt they will entertain you if you have no prior relationship with the store.
  3. A Picotin and Victoria are usually fairly easy to obtain in FSH and/or George V.

    They usually have a multitude of colors available, so ask the SA if you don't see a color that you're in love with on the shelf. They will be more than happy to bring out more for you.