Planning to Move to Paris in August, need advice on finding job

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  1. #1 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 15, 2010
    Hey Everyone, I'm graduating with my MBA in August. I also have a BBA in Marketing and a BA in Spanish. I want to move to Paris but am having trouble finding a job. Do any of you have any advice on finding a job and housing? I have experience in the Accounts receivable/payable, human resources, sales, marketing/advertising, customer relations, executive assistant, and much more. My biggest problem is that my French isn't too good, but I can get by. I've visited Paris many times and lived there one summer when I was studying abroad so I know the city very well.

    Any advice would help! Please email me at *redacted - please don't post your personal email*

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Not being pessimistic but from what I hear from my HR colleagues from our Paris office, its difficult as it is to find a job in general and with as you say not too good French it doesnt look very well. My advice is look for corporate international companies that have English as main office language.
  3. BLC -
    You can try Eurodisney or you prefer to give language lessons you can look for Language schools
    Good luck :balloon:
  4. I don't have any tips to share but just want to share you all the best wishes!
    Paris is such a beautiful place - I too would love to live there :smile:
  5. This is the best advice you can get if you want work with something that allows you to use your experience. Working at eurodisney etc is of course another option, that wouldn't be a great career choice based on what you've been doing so far would it? Also keep in mind that the unemployment rate in Europe is sky high! There are lots of people looking for jobs, you simply have to be more persistant, confident and courageous than the others. =D

    As for housing, I wouldn't even start looking untill I had a job unless you're buying property there anyways. There are lots of companies that can help both in english and spanish whether you'd like to rent or buy.

    If you would like some tips on how to save money on rent and living costs, I would advice you to look for a place to stay right outside the periferique especially Charenton, Vincennes or Montrouge. They're accessible by metro RER and esp center of vincennes is beautiful. Even grocery shopping is cheaper right outside the border of the city center and you avoid all the tourist. There are some places you should stay away from though (basically all of Seine St Denis area. =P ) and some places that wouldn't save you any money compared to living in the center anyways. (West like bilancourt and neuilly).

    Good luck!
  6. OT but I used to live in Vincennes! Beautiful place indeed...*sigh* I miss France :sad:
  7. Thanks everyone for your advice and best wishes!! I really appreciate it! I'm going to keep trying! I'm determined to move there even if I have to play my violin in the metro!