Planning to get a Gaufre next month, what color?

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  1. Hey guys, Im planning on getting my first Prada Gaufre bag next month... Only Im not sure which color to get.

    Dark brown (like the Antik color)

    Im afraid the lighter colors might have color transfers like what Kiss-P said on the other forum, What do you guys think from your experience of owning a Gaufre? Lighter color or the darker color? Also if I go for the darker one is black nice or too monochromatic for the ruching to show?
  2. My absolute favorite is the antik noce!
  3. My isnt that bag gorgeous!!!

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  4. ^Yep! I love it so much I got the e/w satchel and the larger tote!
  5. Beautiful! I love all the gaufres but especially that color.
  6. I'd vote for camel or grey. Black is too 'common' especially for Prada bags so personally I'd prefer other neutral colors that would stand out more. Some shades of brown is great too.
  7. oh gawd ANY color you get I would love...the gauffre styles are the BEST!!! There are MANY gauffre fans here lol...can't wait to see your future purchase!!!
  8. I don't like brown so I would say black!
  9. Is there a pewter colored gaufre? With a single handle? Did the gaufre hobos come in pewter?
  10. mine is metallic purple. it's gorgeous!! I posted on the "show your gauffres page"~~
  11. I saw that one , Its beautiful...Yummy!