Planning to buy my first LV - should I wait to buy in Hawaii?

  1. Forgive my ignorance, as I'm sure this question has been asked before... I just can't find it!

    I live in LA where sales tax is 7.25%, should I wait to buy my LV in Hawaii where sales tax is lower (don't know the percentage)? We're heading there at the end of the month.
  2. I would definately wait. The tax rate is under 5%, but the real benefit is being able to do charge send in the future. For future purchases you will only need to pay TAX! Call ahead to make sure they will have the bag you want in stock. They also are very accomodating in searhing for Made in France bags if that matters to you.
  3. Thanks for replying, cpster!

    Just from the same store, and is that only true of Hawaii stores or in general? It'd be one of the Honolulu stores (Hilton Hawaiian Village, Ala Moana, Gump's Building).

    It's the damier belem mm... should I care about it being made in France? Is that very important? I guess I assumed they were all made in France!

    Sorry, I'm a TOTAL newbie to LV! Thanks for your help :smile:
  4. They have workshops in several countries like France, USA and Spain. It's not important, I mean, they're all LV quality but some perfer to have "Made in France" bags that's all. :shame:
  5. i live in LA too and I just wanted to add that even though sales tax is 7.25% here, you actually get charged 8.25% sales tax at LV boutiques. :push: i don't know why this is so, but that's how much it is at all the LV boutiques i've purchased form (rodeo drive, bev center, MOCA boutique, etc). so if it's lower rate than in hawaii, then yeah, i'd definitely wait. however, i heard the LV prices have already gone up over there, so i'd check if the price of your bag went up there first...
  6. ew! (re: the 8.25% tax)

    Thank you guys for replying! I guess I'll call and price the bag post-tax at both stores.

  7. I think the reason for the 8.25% tax is because in CA you pay a State Sales tax and County Sales tax together.
  8. $1360 at the Honolulu Gump's location, $1380 at Rodeo Dr.

    So after tax it's $1414 vs. $1493. I guess it's worth the $79 to wait... but I am oh-so-impatient!!
  9. Our tax here in Hawaii is 4.71%. Check out either the Ala Moana location or the Waikiki Gumps location. Both are two-story stores with RTW. The Waikiki has more excotics and a VIP room on the 2nd floor. Both locations have pretty good service and if the item you want isn't in stock you can always have them check other stores. The Hilton shop is a tiny one. Ala Moana is the store I shop at but I also have an SA at Waikiki. Have fun!!!
  10. Also, the Hawaii region is considered different than the continental USA, so LV prices are a bit cheaper. Example: My friend just came back from Oahu and picked up the Zippy coin purse for me for $260 + tax. In Los Angeles, I would have paid $275 + tax for the Zippy Coin purse. I saved about $25 (buys me a nice lunch at Houston's!)

    I recommend pricing the LV items that you are interested in (bring printouts of your items) and bring the info with you to Hawaii to compare prices.
  11. yep, rileygirl summed it up quite well. also if you buy from one store you're in the system for the rest. so you can call waikiki to order something in the future.

    i also shop at ala moana.
  12. Actually, I think Los Angeles tax is higher at 8.25% because it also includes transit tax (support for the public transportion/Muni rail system). Orange County tax is 7.75%, I believe but definately lower than L.A. county.

    I know in Santa Clara county (San Jose, Palo Alto, etc.), tax is 8.25%, but San Francisco tax is 8.50% because of the BART/MUNI transportation system.

    All in all, California is just an expensive state to live in!!!
  13. Does LV hawaii ships internationally? I'm very interested in the Monogram Sophie, not sure whether does they still have stock for it.
  14. Wait until Hawaii it is more fun to buy things on vacation:idea:
  15. i'm not sure if they'll ship internationally. but i can tell you that the mono sophie is sold out.