Planning to buy my first BBag, a few questions!

  1. I have been doing a lot of reading and looking here, such a wonderful site, thanks ladies and gents! I really love seeing all of your pics with your bags.

    About the leather, is the veiny look considered less desirable than non veiny, or is it personal taste? I saw a pic of a city blueberry here that was veiny and I loved the look!

    Would a City be a good choice for a first BBag?

    Would you all suggest a new bag or an older one from consignment or eBay? If older, what year or does it matter?

    Thanks everyone!
    Blue Hour Girl
  2. You should check the new stickie thread at the top of the previous page. FAQ Balenciaga. Good Luck
  3. I think veiny or non-veiny is a matter of personal taste. Some colors actually look better veiny, but, that is just my opinion. I think a city is the perfect 1st Bbag. Good luck finding one you love!! :heart:
  4. My first BBag was a Blueberry City! it is veiny and I LOVE it!!!
  5. I think the City is a great first Bbag. As for veiny, that's a personal choice. Some people like it, some people don't. I think your best bet for shopping, is try to see the bags in person. If that's not an option, call a department store that sells Bbags (they have a better return policy) and order one from them. As for eBay......I buy from eBay but only from select sellers that have a good reputation. I've noticed the past couple days, there have been an outrageous number of fakes on ebay and a lot of them are stealing photos of authentic bags from other sellers auctions. Good luck and have fun shopping for your first purchase!

  6. I noticed that also!
    I was just sitting here reporting them :cursing:
  7. Welcome! I agree with Cracker, buy a new bag from a dept store w/a good return policy for your first bbag. City is a great choice, you will love it! Have fun and post pics when you get your bag!
  8. Another vote to buy your first bag at a Dept Store. I am relatively new to Balenciaga's and the best advice I was give was to go see them in person.

    I think the City is a perfect first bag. If you can find a store with several in the color you want, they you can choose the best leather. And the 07 leather is really yummy!!

    Enjoy the process!
  9. Thanks so much for all the replies and helpful information! I will go with the department stores for this purchase and I will most definately post a picture when I get it. Thanks again!