Planning to buy a LV 30 speedy

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  1. Hi, I'm soon to purchase a Louis vuitton speedy 30 and I was wondering if I bought a Louis vuitton vernis wallet would it look weird together? ?:shrugs:I'm on a budget and parents doesn't like it when I spend money on bags :nuts:,but it's not my fault.hehe. And plus I`m only 17.hehe.:yes:It should be my 2nd Lv bag. :nuts:

  2. i think they look great.
    alots of tPFer use different LV lines at one time

    for myself, I'm using a Damier speedy 30 with Azue Wallet and Groom Cles and MC phone strap all together
  3. actually to mix and match always fun

    u can check out my stuff, i have so many mix match junkies inside my bag ... go for it gal!
  4. awesome. Should I get the brown or the black?
    Because mostly I wear light colors and like every asian person has the brown one. I don't see anyone has this one.
  5. I have a Mono and Damier
    I love them all

    but Mono is more easy to get dirty (i mean the handle get patina)
    if you want something more special

    mono Lin isn't as easy to clean as Damier
  6. Mixing and matching is GREAT. It put a big smile on my face when I saw a lady pull out a Framboise Vernis Wallet out of her black Epi Jasmin.

    I would recommend you get the Monogram Canvas. The Mini Lin Speedy requires a bit more special care than canvas bags like the Monogram and Damier.
  7. okay,thank you so much!!:smile:
  8. damier speedy or epi speedy and the vernis wallet

    hahahahaha ... we all have our own mixed match, dont get confuse, just enjoy the ride ....

    keep us updated
  9. lol. It did get me confused for a few minute,but I get it would probably take a while for me to get the bag because I need money.hehe.I hope I get christmas money.. but I`ll keep it post when I planning to buy it.hehe. thank you for the advice. :heart::yes::smile:
  10. Sorry... I seem to not start making sense after 5 am. :P

    Good luck!!! I hope ya get it!!! :biggrin:
  11. it will be all worth it ... :supacool:
  12. Don't be sorry.I hope I get it soon. Thank you;)
  13. I was thinking to buy a bronze French wallet to match my speedy 30...but its price is more than a speedy 30:Push:
  14. Could you please tell me what special care does Mini Lin require?

    Isn't it similar to Damier and has brown handles, so no patina?

    Is it high maintenance like Vernis?

  15. You have to make sure that the fabric doesnt get caught on anything because its not canvas so it could rip, etc.