planning on purchasing the ultimate soft

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'll be heading down to the chanel store in london next week and was thinking of rewarding myself with a new bag. I'm definitely eyeing the ultimate soft bag but would I have a couple of questions I hope you all could help me with.

    1. does the ultimate soft come in caviar? as far as i know (reading the threads on the forum) it seems to only come in lambskin?

    2. what other colours does the ultimate soft come in other than in black and beige?

    Thanks in advance for the help! :heart:
  2. it's only in lambskin, hence the name "Ultimate Soft", caviar isn't soft.

    I don't know about the colors, I'll move this to Chanel instead of Shopping.
  3. it comes in coral, light violet, red, black, beige, and light beige...
  4. thanks so much for the informative help ChanelS83! :love:
    if you don't mind me asking, if i were to get the quilted version, would the above colours still apply or are the colour choices more limited?
  5. I see someone's wandering away from Dior!!! :P
  6. :shame: you caught me there (or here, rather)! i just bought my first chanel last week and like my friend said, once you start, you can't stop. :graucho:
  7. Hi and welcome!

    I had the opportunity to try on the beige quilited (medium) ultimate soft yesterday and here are my impressions:

    It is extremely soft and silky yet appears to have a finish that resists scratching. There were some soft wrinkles or "stretch marks" on the leather where the top folded over. What changed my mind is that when you put the bag on your shoulder, especially in a hurry, it does not automatically fold into that perfect shape you see in photos. The heavy CC charm on the end of zipper also falls inside the bag and distorts the shape as well.

    I already own two Chloe Paddingtons and while I love them, I hate that every time I use the bags I have to fix the part that folds over, make sure the lock is straight and right side up, etc. I didn't want this problem with the Ultimate Soft, so passed.
  8. I saw the Ultimate Soft this weekend. It was beautiful, but I would be scared of scratching it up...even in black.
  9. Hmm... I have a bag that doesn't 'fall' correctly unless I adjust it, so I know how annoying it can be. The CC charm should always hang where I want it to and never does.

    I think this is a reason for me to also not purchase the bag.
  10. wow, thanks for all your feedback about the bag ladies! it's definitely made me reconsider the bag somewhat, particularly if the CC charm doesn't fall nicely and also about the bag folding nicely (i'm obsessed with having my bag look the way it should like if it were on display). i guess i'll take a gander around chanel anyway and see if there's anything i might fancy there as a christmas present to myself. ;)

    thanks for all the help, i appreciate it! :heart:
  11. Check out the Cloudy Bundle Ligne :yes also indescribably soft :heart:
  12. I just purchased the medium ultimate soft in black and it is to die for! I just love how luxurious it is. I think Roey is right that it seems to be more durable than you would think, almost like it is coated. It won't be an everday bag but I do love it. I have not worn her yet but have pranced around the house with it stuffed and unstuffed and I have had no problem with the CC charm or the fold over part.
  13. hi,

    I'm new to this forum and was originally considering the Bowler bag but after I tried on the Ultimate Soft I was in love! My fiance has now given it to me as a bday gift and the sales guy at the Ala Moana store told me that even though the lambskin is super soft, it doesn't scratch that easily. Also, I was worried about how the it folds but so far so good and I have put in different amount of things in it to try it out.

    It is not a structured bag so it's not going to stay in the same shape but part of the beauty of it is how that soft leather drapes.

  14. wow, thanks to everyone who gave such great advice about the ultimate soft! i'll admit after reading both bellabags' & pursedweeb's experiences with the ultimate soft, i'm sold! ;)

    i'll ring up the chanel in harrods tomorrow to see if they might have one in store, and hopefully i'll have one to call my own by next week when i head down to london! :wlae:

    thanks so much everyone! :heart:
  15. Good luck. =)