planning on buying my first lv bag soon and i have a question...

Sep 30, 2008
well im planning on buying my first lv bag pretty soon, i think iv decided on the mono speedy 30...but i was wondering if the handles get discolored and spotty on lv bags if they get wet, like the handles on dooney and bourke bags do...haha not that it would change my mind about it ;)but id like to know what to expect


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Oct 30, 2006
This takes me back to my first LV dilemma, many years ago lol! Get the Speedy it's a great starter & a forever bag! I take mine out in the rain all the time, don't worry, use it!
Jul 3, 2006
I have the mono speedy in both 25 and 30. They are my favorite LV's. I sold my Damier, but wouldn't give up my mono Speedies for anything. To me, the mono speedy 30 is a perfect, classic LV. I've had no problems with my vachetta and they both have gotten wet. Any water spots blend in time. I do think the mono is prettier and goes with more. I like the Damier and have a damier Alma I love, but in the Speedy I love the mono!


Feb 24, 2008
my 1st was a damier speedy, because of the water marks, but have since got a new to me mc alma, and the stains do blend, i was really anal about it, so buying used sort of made it better. i too think a speedy is a good 1st bag, good luck whatever you decide alfie x


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Jul 23, 2008
I agree that if you're really worried about the water stains and it would really keep you from enjoying the bag then you should consider the Damier speedy. It's so classic and elegant, it's a lovely piece! But if your heart is really set on the mono then there are a lot of ways you can waterproof your vachetta, so go for it!


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Nov 7, 2006
I don't think the speedy is cheap by any means.
The mono is a classic and while the vachetta will show some spots, with wear it will usually blend as the vachetta patinas.
There really is nothing prettier than a monogram speedy with patina!

Sonic Peaches

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Nov 30, 2006
Get the Mono Speedy. Need more inspiration? Audrey Hepburn carried the 25 (in fact, I think it was specially made for her originally). If you are worried about the leather, the leather is supposed to patina into a nice golden tan... like buttery baked bread. Gorgeous! Years from now, if the leather gets too worn, just take it to a LV store to get the leather replaced. With all the price increases your classic Speedy will only go UP in value. I don't give a toot if some people call it 'common'... a $700+ bag is still a $700+ bag... that's still a lot of money to the average consumer.