Planning on buying my first EVER channel bag, any recommendations?

  1. Hello CHANEL addicts! :love: I'm newbie in Chanel thread.. I frequent LV thread and currently own most of them, hunting for the coveted Limited edition as well...

    I'm beginning to love Chanel and after looking at all your wonderful bags in here, I'm most certainly sure that I wanna have one too and hopefully start collecting different ones in the future. My ex-boyfriend has given me set of Chanel earrings, bracelet, necklace and ring, and I absolutely adore them.

    I'd like to get your advice or any recommendations for my first ever bag. I've heard that Chanel have increased their prices recently:s. I want something that's not over 2k, something I can use and not just keep in the closet. BTW, I'm 29, and stands 5'5", medium built. Any photos, recommendations and why you recommend it are very much appreciated!!!! [​IMG]
  2. im from the phils too. everyday bag would be a gst, medallion and baby cabas. chanel classic flaps are the best. you can wear 'em at night. depends on your need and how much you carry on your bag. hope this will help. check out the chanel library for photos.:smile:
  3. i would recommend a medium flap
    and then.. you can go from there :smile:
  4. So much of Chanel is over 2K now. I would also suggest a flap, they are easy to wear and can be dressed up or down.
  5. I'm going follow this thread! I'm thinking the same things as shoppaholic! I'm curious to see what you get. I was looking at a zipper-pst (the classic tote with zipper) --I never figured out the name of it -- and the E/W (but it seems like it'd be small.
  6. For your price range, I'd say the PST.

    If you could stretch your budget a bit more to mid 2k, I'd recommend the GST and a med/lrg or jumbo classic flap. :yes:
  7. Welcome to the Chanel side...slippery slope over here from wanting one bag to a full blown addiction.:nuts:

    Sad to say, but I do agree - most bags have tipped the 2K mark. But there are a few still below that, good luck selecting.:tup:
  8. Hi! I am new to Chanel as well. I think the Diamond Stitch tote is a nice casual bag. I am not sure if it was affected by the price increase. The Grand Shopper Tote is a nice classy bag. Those two are my favorites so far.
  9. The new Melrose "cabas" looking bag is in the mid 1K range. It's a gorgeous color, but it's love or hate for most people and isn't considered a classic chanel.

    The timeless clutch is big enough for day or night, but obviously, it is handheld so it's not a throw around type of bag. Those go for only a bit over 1k now.
  10. I would recommend black caviar jumbo for you since it will not be too small for you and you don't have to worry about getting scratches like the lambskin ones. You may have to stretch your budget a little bit more. It was $2250 and went up to $2650. But Saks won't increase the price until Nov.12. Good luck
  11. Try and get the jumbo classic flap. I think this is the perfect first Chanel bag. It's big enough to fit your essentials, and is so classic. I know it is out of your budget, but if it's possible for you to get it, I'd go with that.
  12. Unfortunately, they aren't many choices under 2K. The only bags that I love in that price range are the timeless classic clutch and the ultimate soft. For your first bag, the US might be the way to go.
  13. I'm also going to suggest the Jumbo Flap! It's so gorgeous, a classic, versatile, and it fits A LOT! I also have the medium/large Flap, but for me, it's more difficult to get in/out of compared to a Jumbo, and it really doesn't fit much.

    For your price range, though, I agree, a PST would be great! I'd get black with gold hardware!