Planning my wardrobe for my Magenta...

  1. As the day is approaching, I have Magenta on the brain! While cruising eBay, as usual, I saw this top and it jumped out at me. Do you think it would look nice with my new LE Magenta? Not sure if the color is right...I need some opinions. TIA


  2. Baby i love it i am sure it wil look good with your BRAND NEW MAGENTA 2007 BAG.
    Thank U for sharing Hugs FX:heart:
  3. The top is really cute! I think it will definitely go with the magenta.
  4. The pinks won't match, but I think they would look great together anyway...
  5. Can you post the image? Anyway, my first thought when I saw your subject line was that you were going to be buying a lot of basic blacks and neutrals to provide a backdrop for your magenta bag. ;)
  6. ^ That was my fault! I accidentally deleted the link. Waiting for her to send it to me again. Sorry janette. :shame:
  7. So, it's okay to post non-Balenciaga eBay links? Or non-handbag eBay links? Just want to know for future reference. thanks.
  8. I still think it is best not to post any eBay links. Instead, just save the picture and upload it to show people :yes:
  9. Once the OP sends me the link I'll post a photo only of the top. Thanks Megs!
  10. I'll beat you to it...
  11. Now STOP that!!!!
  12. ^ Sorry Janette, we're not allowing ebay links here and the seller has copyrighted her photos so it can't be copy and pasted. It looks like it would look gorgeous with your magenta though!

  13. OK, but :shrugs:...why no ebay links?
  14. Here you go. I did a screenshot. I think it will look great with Magenta.:yes:

  15. ^ Perfect. Thank you Powder! When I tried to copy it just said, "Welcome to cottage wear". janette, the rules says that we are not allowed to post ebay links of any kind outside of the "Authenticate this" forum.

    Powder solved your problem though!