Planning my next!

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  1. Ok, here's my dilemma...

    I'm madly in love with the red patent ergo, and would definitely get plenty of use out of it. However, I think I heard somewhere that they might be coming out with the totes in patent for fall. That would be AMAZING in the red, but I don't know if I want to risk it not being true and the red patent hobo not being available anymore.

    Then, too, I'm thinking that a Legacy bag in one of the shades of tan (either whiskey or the vintage leather, probably) would be a great go-to bag and an excellent investment, and I'm wanting to get one of those within the next several months, too. I have a feeling Legacy isn't going away anytime soon, but who knows?

    What do you all think? Opinions? I'm pretty new to the whole Coach scene, so I'm not completely familiar with how their patterns of retiring bags and bringing in new ones usually work.


    - TwoSirius
  2. I think it's best to go with what you love, rather than what seems to be practical. I'd say get the red hobo, and if they come out with the tote later this fall, get that too (maybe sell the hobo then). It seems Legacy is going to be around for a while, what with all the talk i'm hearing about the Legacy stores opening up. I vote red hobo.
  3. red hobo! it's the one you're yearning for and if you pass it up, you might regret it.
  4. Does anyone remember Cardianal Signature from Holiday before last??? I DO!

    I was in serious lust with the Hamptons tote in red (Yes, I'm obsessed with red) and I didn't buy it. It sold out! I kick myself every time I see ANYTHING in that color.

    The best policy is to carry what you love!
  5. Sounds like your more into the red patent. I say get it.
  6. Get what you love now, which seems like the red patent. And if I recall correctly, the legacy line will still be around, but they're re-doing the styles and coming out with different colors.
  7. I say buy the red hobo and keep the tags on and receipt. I know that is hard to do but you may want to use it in the fall as opposed to the summer anyway. Then if the red patent tote comes out and you like that more, just exchange it. That way it will give you time to look at the bag for a while and see if you still love it.
  8. I agree!:yes:
  9. That is a good idea - after all, it is June already and fall is not that far away.
  10. I do!! I could kick my own butt for not getting something from that line! It was TDF!!
  11. Ok, it's unanimous patent ergo it is! I'll work on getting a legacy leather or a vintage leather ergo tote maybe in the fall. If they don't come out with more scrumptious stuff that I have to have in the fall, that is...

    Thanks for your thoughts! Buying handbags via democratic vote is fun. :wlae:

  12. LOl my vote was for the ergo too!
    The idea of buying it and keeping the tags on/receipt is a great one.
  13. I agree with the recommendation to buy the red patent hobo, keep the tags on it and the receipt, and then hold onto it until fall. If the tote comes out in red patent then exchange it. I completely agree that Legacy isn't going anywhere for a while, it's way too popular and obviously they aren't going to be discontinuing the line since they're building a few exclusively Legacy stores.
  14. The red patent ergo is a great choice!!
  15. +1