planning holidays for 8 people in mediterranee : help !?

  1. To those of you who have been on holidays in the mediterranean countries.......could you help me here , please ???
    I am in charge in planning holidays for me and my friends, we ´ll be around 6 to 8 persons , couples, aged from 26 to 30 years old.
    We want sun, beach and going out, but without the "chav" style.....
    and you know avoid all the 21 years old who go to Ibiza to get drunk, have mad sex, strip on the bar counter, etc......:yucky:
    So Ideally a location with walking distance to the beach and bars, restaurants, clubs, but better standard than Magalluf in Mallorca (for those who know that place).
    I am thinking of Spain, Malta, Tunisia, or Greece, Cyprus, etc...but don´t know where exactly.
    Can you recommend a Resort ?
  2. why dont you check out turkey there are so many places to see
    there is lots of sun , great beaches , nice hotels, great cruises
  3. Thanks ! Any idea of a specific resort ?
  4. there are very many great resorts in different regions
    i dont know how much youd like to spent,
  5. Added in my "favorites", Thanks Margherita ! The budget is around 600-700 € /person for flight+hotel for 1 week,
    Anyone else, other experiences ??
  6. For Turkey, check out

    Or Mykonos, Greece
    Greek people are so kind and friendly.

    Corfu, Greece is supposed to be amazingly beautiful (I'll be stopping their in Sept.), but harder to get to than Mykonos. But Mykonos is a fun island. Clean, easy to get around, and the town is lively at night with little cafe's and nightclubs that you access by way of cobbled alleyways throughout the town.
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  9. You should definitely go to Croatia!

    Charter a yacht. You can do this for as little as under $1000 a person a week. It's much cheaper than getting a hotel room. You should sail around Turkey and/or the Greek Isles.
  10. We visited the Costa del Sol (Malaga) in 2004 & LOVED it. Ayia Napa, Cyprus was nice, but we also visited in the off season. We also loved Tirrenia, Italy (outside of Pisa). There was not a lot of partying there. We're looking into visiting Crete in August - we've heard a lot of wonderful things about the island.

    We did NOT like Mallorca. :yucky:
  11. Im dreaming, thanks Baglady this is BEAUTIFUL !!!!
    Wanna go right now !!
    I have been to the Costa del Sol many years ago but I was only 17 w parents, so far out from going out, but I do remember the gorgeous landscapes, and I ll definiely consider that too.
  12. Those two pictures are of Mykonos. The color of the water there is amazing.

    I haven't heard that much great stuff about Crete (I read a lot of and, but I heard that CORFU is amazing, escpecially this particular beach.."Paleokastritsa"

    Here are some great pictures from some complete stranger's vacation...

    The other URL I posted for Kusadasi is incorrect, should have been
  13. I reccommend Croatia. The coastline is gorgeous, with blue ocean views, and it's not commercialized or as "discovered" as some of the Club Med locations. The people are friendly there too, and it would be a nice getaway.

    Okay... maybe I'm biased. BF is from there, lol.