Planning for the next Chanel

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Which one to get?

  1. Jumbo Black Caviar GHW

  2. Half Moon WOC Black

  3. Half Moon WOC Navy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi babes,

    I just bought Chevron Patent Black M/L, and now after surfing TPF hours and hours within the last 14 days, I've caught the Chanel fever again. Planning for the next purchase. Need your advice. I've already have Metallic Silver WOC and M/L Chevron Black Patent. I'm 5'2'' - 5'3'', size small. I've already had colour bags from other brands (LV, Balenciaga), so still thinking Black for Chanel.

    1. Jumbo Black Caviar GHW
    2. Half Moon WOC - Black
    3. Half Moon WOC - Navy
  2. I say go for the Jumbo Black Caviar GHW because you already have a fabulousssss WOC!
  3. jumbo... nice to throw in something w/ ghw in the mix.
  4. My Silver Metallic WOC has GHW as well
  5. Jumbo caviar ghw!
  6. Jumbo for sure!!!
  7. Definitely half moon WOC in black. Although the options are on two totally different ends of the spectrum. IMO jumbos on petite women with small frames can be overpowering and as you'd imagine heavy. Since you are considering WOC at all and just bought a medium, I imagine that you don't haul much around anyway... hence, no need for a jumbo?
  8. My vote goes to Jumbo! :biggrin:
  9. Jumbo
  10. Jumbo. Of course. ;)
  11. Yep, definitely the jumbo!!!!