Planning for my next Hermès bag!

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  1. So now that I have my Bolide, I would like to prepare myself for my next bag!
    I currently have a gold and black birkin, a rouge kelly, and a menthe bolide.
    On my wishlist, I'm considering:

    -an étoupe birkin in 35(but idk if that would be too much of a similar "feel" to my goldie)
    -a jigé élan in étoupe(it would be either the birkin or jigé that I would get in étoupe, but not both)
    -a lindy in some kind of nice color
    -a picotin
    -or a garden party(i LOVE the look of the gp with the twilly on the handles and a charm, but don't really like the fact that it doesn't have feet on the bottom)

    I'm not really considering Kelly for my next bag because the kelly that I have now is difficult to get in and out of.. But I LOVE my Bolide. It's so incredibly easy to get in and out of.. what a dream!

    I also dress pretty conservatively, almost all tea-length dresses, kind of 50's style?

    Do you have any suggestions on what my next purchase should be?
  2. Lindy 30 would be nice, in my humble opinion :smile:
  3. What a nice dilemma!

    Do you like to hand carry a bag? Then birkin / GP

    Do you use clutches or carry just a few items? Jige

    If you shoulder carry your bag then Lindy.

    If you have trouble getting in and out of Kelly then getting another doesn't solve your problem. Unless you have a sellier now and you will get a retourne. I have both. Selliers are a pain to get in and out but retourne is fine.

    My bolide is my daily bag and I just love it for its usability and under the radar. Lindys are very easy to get in and out of but it doesn't look nice hand carried.
  4. A Lindy will be a nice addition to your collection

  5. I do like a hand carry bag, but it's nice to have the shoulder option as well!
    I like both haha :smile:
    And my Kelly is a sellier, I think that's probably why it's such a pain for me to get in and out of. I think it's the bag I grab the least!

  6. What do you ladies suggest for a Lindy color? Do you think étoupe would be too "dull" for a lindy?
  7. I have one in étoupe, and I adore it! But I mostly hand-carry it to keep that so pretty fortune-cookie look I love! Etoupe goes with anything!
  8. I have a Lindy in etoupe with shw. Must admit, I bought it as a casual every day bag that would go with everything.
    Almost never wear it... It's a shame! I feel that color is so boring with shw, I get depressed wearing it.
    I'm going to play it up with some twillies maybe... Not feeling too great about such an expensive item just resting in my closet.
  9. Oh really, Love4H ?? Mine works hardly, and I love it more and more!
  10. Ooooooh.... I should take it out and start using ASAP...
  11. I came across various sizes and colors of Lindy but steadfastly held out for an Etoupe 30. Never regret it 1 bit!
  12. Have a look at the Picotins. Simple, cool under the radar go with everything bags. Think the proportions of a S or M would look especially good with a tea length dress.

    A big plus is they are fairly reasonable on the Hermes bag scale so you will be back soon wondering what to get next. Unless of course you develop a Picotin addiction as they are fairly easy to find right now. I can see how easy it would be to want multiples.
  13. Another vote for Lindy. Mine is in plume and I love it. I haven't used it this winter but that's only because I'd carry one bag for a few months and rotate. A fun color Lindy would complement the bags you already have. You can check the Ode to Lindy thread for ideas.

    A Jypsiere may be another fun bag but it's a cross body (can also be carried on the shoulders).

    It also depends on if you want a bag with some structure or no structure. G'luck deciding!

  14. I was thinking Picotin for a "smaller" bag purchase sometime :smile: I would love one in a pretty color!

  15. I think Jypsi would be nice, except I think I would be too short to pull off the long crossbody. I am only 5'2ish. Also, I love the feet on Hermès bags!! I'm currently checking out the Ode to the Lindy thread :smile: