Planning for my first LV. Should I get Speedy 25 or 30? (I'm 5'7)

  1. I would like something that is classic. Other suggestions are welcomed of course!
  2. i've got a speedy 30 and i'm just 5'1 - i think is a great size! either or you cant go wrong!!! :smile:
  3. Speedy 30. :biggrin:
  4. Ditto!
  5. There are several threads on 25 vs 30 that you should check out -- they are very informative. Also check out the thread on celebrities with their speedys for pics that show the scale of the two sizes as carried by actual people. I'm 5'3" and went for the 25.
  6. In mono I prefer the 30. The 25 is great in epi.
  7. It depends on how much you lug around- but I'd say the 30!
  8. How much does the Speedy 25 actually hold?

    Does anyone have any pictures of what they can fit in their 25s and 30s?
  9. I am taller than you and use the 30. So I vote for the 30:biggrin:
  10. Between the two, 30.
  11. I think that you should get the speedy 30, I am 5'5, 120 pounds and I love the way that it looks on my arm!:love:
  12. I'm 5'7 also, and have the 30. I'd never go smaller - if anything I'd possibly go for the 35. But the 30 is a classic, and fabulous! :biggrin:
  13. 30. While the 25 holds plenty of stuff, it actually looks small IMO.
  14. I'd go with the 30 also. I see a lot of ladies who buy the 25 thinking the 30 would be too big, and then they later wish had bought the 30 in the first place.
  15. Yes !! Agree ! The price difference is so little that you might as well go for that extra bit of bag if you have the height.