planning first Bbag purchase!!

  1. Okay, so I'm planning on getting a Bbag with my tax return this year, and I know I either want a Day or a Work.. I know the price dif, & that could influence my decision..

    now, my question is, do I wait for f/w 08 or do I just go now and get basic black or look at 07 colors (if they have any)? I'd rather get one now because I've had the Bbag itch for over a year and have not scratched it!! I am lusing over 05 Bordeaux and I heard that f/w 08 will have Bordeaux in it, but I know from reading here that the colors are not the same although they have the same name.. what to do??

    I need suggestions from experienced Bbag girls! Thanks so much for any help you can give me!!
  2. Tricky tricky isn't it? i always say "i'm going to pick out my next bbag in person", but as soon as I have the $$ to get another I call up balny ASAP and have them send me one :p it's hard to be patient.

    anywho, i prefer the style of the work. i love that classic balenciaga look... while i love the day i feel as though it is very casual and that similar bags can be found for half the price. this is what ultimately keeps me from purchasing the day style.

    as far as colors.. i use my black city more than anything. i would LOVE a black work. however, black is always available, so i say if none of the past o7 colors that are still available and none of the current o8 colors tickle your fancy.. then wait for bordeaux :yes: if you dont like it black will still be available.
  3. oh, what wonderful advice! I like this idea :smile:

    I agree with the fact that there are styles of other bags similar to the Day style for cheaper.. in fact, I own a Marc by Marc Jacobs that is VERY similar to the Day style and half the price.. good thinking! I'm going to consider the Work style..

    To me, the City is what Balenciaga is known for, and the Work is just a bigger version of it.. I think I'm sold on the Work already!
  4. I agree with verty about the work. I am saving up for the work as my next bag, and I love the look of the "motorcycle" style bal's, its what make balenciaga's so recognizable and a bag that looks similar to the day style can be found almost anywhere for a fraction of the cost. As for colors go, I'd say either look for an 07 color or get a black this season, because the prices are going up in f/w 08! if the price isn't an issue, than maybe wait and see if the f/w colors interest you and if not, its always possible to look for past colors, whether in stores as extras, or online. HTH and hope that made sense!!
  5. Thank you so much! It definitely made sense! I appreciate your input! I didn't realize the similarities of the Day style and other bags.. I just might go for it and get the black for now.. there will always be other occasions.. I might just start a Bbag fund!
  6. Hahaha yeah we definitly all need a bbag fund :tup: I know I do! I got 2 cities and a wallet within and past week so I'm saving up my money for fall so I can get a few darker bags! Good luck and I'm glad to help!!
  7. Hi there, I take it from your original post that you're not really into the S/S 08 colors out so far? I agree with the rest, it's great for a first Bal to be a First/City/Work. Are you able to head into a store to try them on? Sometimes we don't know what styles look good on us until we've tried them on, and it's always better to get an idea of what size bag we really need for our stuff. If you're lusting after Bordeaux, definitely wait till F/W and see if you still love it, if you don't you can always get a Black then. Alternatively, perhaps some other color? Are you after a deep red or ?