Planning Accessories for Men!!!

  1. GAHHHH Karen is great... :yahoo:

    New accessories for Men... I have fallen head over heels over the bracelets!!!! :nuts:

  2. wow! very nice.
  3. Ebony wood, why are there two of the same necklaces? is it gonna be stopped after a month and then re-released? MORE TO BUY! I want the brown bracelet with the solid gold (tressi?)! my bro will love it! (in case u ever wonder lmao we share the account, mostly I use it but he does to sometimes, I made him turn metro lmao)
  4. ooh! very nice! I like the bracelet tressi and cufflinks. theyll make great gifts for my sons!
  5. awsome!! thanks for sharing!! I'm loving the ebony..
  6. Gahhhh I wish I could change the subject line... :noggin:

    There's also going to be a Groom Bandeau and Bandana? "Estimation price: $140 & $111 in all LV stores!"- Karen

  7. ^^^ I would buy a bandeau if it was made in blue as well... :sad:
  8. john! you are an asset to PF. thanks for posting these!
  9. Karen herself would be a bigger asset... tee hee hee. ;)
  10. I am liking the bandana....
  11. You know, I'm not really a big fan on pins... but these snowflakes I am feeling... :biggrin:

    ...and the ring too!!! It's eyegasmic. :heart:.

  12. WOW :nuts: That makes me sick-----> :throwup:

    Bandeau + Scarf! :yahoo:
  13. i was at the boutique this morning and just placed an order for the Chevalier ring :wlae: i've got the tiger-eye version and i just have to have the black obsidian too :yes: i also like the Fleur de Mono ring too.
  14. Thanks for the pics! Love that groom line! can't wait!
  15. 2 more... I believe these are the last of them?


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