Planning a trip to Paris

  1. My boyfriend and I have both never been and we are planning to go in the next few weeks - hopefully I can resurect some of my high school French for this trip! ;) Anyways, any tips on traveling there? We're looking at package deals and also at buying the tickets individually. Also your favorite areas to stay in?


    I'm already thinking about purchases too! I'm pretty sure that I'll be getting a Goyard bag and perhaps some vintage jewelry for my birthday - I like Victorian mourning jewelry, Edwardian jewelry, bohemian garnets - so any tips in that area would also be appreciated!
  2. hi, what country ar you in? Expedia has sitres for us and UK. They are good for flight and hotel bookings. It is also good to lookup the hotel reviews on
  3. I have posted quite a few travel tips for Paris here before. Do a search of my posts and the word "Paris" and you should be able to find them.
  4. Ok thanks, I'm flying out of the US, Washington D.C.
  5. Maybe I can help with the shopping part----
    I stayed in a couple of hotels but I was there to sleep not hand out in my room. Beware of the star system there 3 star is not really three star more like 1.5, 2. Perhaps would be a good website :smile:

    kinda cheesy but the food is good Chez Clement (Champs E Blvd),
    Diptique in the St. G district, rue de grenelle area St. G district I believe (Frederic Malle perfume) EDITIONS DE PARFUMS.COM, any wonderful cafe that serves that chocolat chaud Le Deux Magots expensive but trendy, oh and Serge Lutens/ Sheseido LES SALONS DU PALAIS ROYAL SHISEIDO, fauchon/hediard to stare at the impeccably placed produce/sweets/confectionary items

  6. I don´t agree (BTW France is a modern civilized country !!). So the ratings are the same.

    -Museums . LeLouvre -> buy your tickets in a department store FNAC so you don´t have to queue.
    Orsay -> Impressionnists, Beaubourg also called Pompidou -> contemporary art

    -Shopping : avenue Montaigne -Palais Royal- rue St Honoré for the Luxury boutiques.
    Left Bank St Germain area for the romantic artistic feeling with loads of small designers shops
    Le Marais (gay area) with trendy shops as well.
    The Department stores : Galeries lafayettes and Printemps (boulevard Haussmann) and Le Bon Marché
    -> Remember that on sundays most shops are closed, only the Champs Elysées have open shops.

    In the evening areas like Saint Michel and Bastille are pretty nice and crowded for restaurants and cafés, bars.
  7. In my experience, hotel ratings appears to differ from country to country becuase the facilities vary.

    For example I book 2-4 star hotels in Rome and I've always had a fridge and breakfast included. I've always had an iron and hairdryers supplied in the US but I've never had these in Europe (i.e. the continent.)
    Whenever, I've stayed in a hotel in the UK (3 star averege) there has always been a kettle with tea and coffe supplies. I've never seent this in the US or UK.
  8. I totally agree, I went to Austria in a 3 star and It looked like less than a one star. I went france this year and the hotel was a 3 star and it looked like a four star. I went Turkey and the hotel was a 4 star but looked like a 5. I have lots of examples lol :smile:
  9. Ok, so we're staying in the Westin which is across from the Tuileries Gardens. There must be different star systems because its rated as a 4 or 5 star depending on the source.

    I'm so excited I can barely wait!

    Thanks for all the great tips so far! Anyone been to a flea market in Paris? I'd like to go but I don't know if it would be interesting or not.
  10. The Westin should be very nice.

    We neglected to purchase our museum tickets ahead of time and had to wait in line for 2 hours in the freezing cold outside at the D'Orsay Museum. Buy your tickets ahead!!!

    You really don't need to purchase tour tickets ahead of time. Just wait till you get to your hotel and there will be many different types of tours for you to choose from. Most can be booked the day before or even the day of.

    Bring a heavy jacket or coat--it gets cold. Check the weather forecast online--you may need an umbrella.

    Have a fantastic time!
  11. When I stay in Paris (my mum/dad lives in Provence but also have a Parisian apartment), I go to these two flea markets to check out the bargains:

    1) Marché d'Aligre: I feel it is slightly tourist-y but an easy start nevertheless.
    2) Les Puces de Saint-Ouen. This one is huge with sub-markets but it's way past the 18er. It is really good for furniture (I got a Napoleonic/Regency writing table for my study here) - though I'm not sure how you are going to get it home to the US, LOL. Antiques is also pretty good I got a pair of Chinese porcelain lamps (a guy sold it to me for 50€ for the pair, probably thinking it's some cheap Chinoiserie but a semi-expert who was with me looked at the mark and told me afterwards it's at least 40 times as much!)
  12. Wow what a deal! Haha, I can just imagine taking lamps through security though. I'm not even sure I can get my makeup through. Although I'm sure the hotel should be able to arrange shipping.