Planning a Trip for *small* purchases: Help Me Decide What To Buy!


What should I buy (more than one choice allowed)?

  1. Damier Azur 4 Keys Holder

  2. Leather Address Tag

  3. Leather Strap

  4. Ebony Dragonne Strap

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. The following is a list of small (n' relatively cheap) LV accessories I plan to buy (has to be small because i'm broke at the moment):

    - Damier Azur 4 Keys Holder - $150


    - Leather Address Tag (to be used as keychain) - $40
    * the same tag that comes with all luggage (i.e. keepall)

    Photo Credit: Kishmee (I'm sorry I need to borrow your pic, I can't find it anywhere on Google. Thank you).


    - Accessories Pouch Strap - $61



    - Dragonne Strap - $80


    The strap is to match with my new brown Taiga accordeon wallet.



    I will certainly have to buy one of the following:

    - something to hold my keys (azur or tag)
    - a strap for my brown taiga accordeon ($61 or $80)

    Based on the condition that: I have US$2000 left in my savings account and want to spend about 5-10% of that (max).

    Please vote and give suggestions. I will greatly appreciate your opinions!

    Picture 1.jpg
  2. Azur key holder:tup:
  3. ^Another vote for the Azur keyholder!
  4. I agree with LVgal1972:yes:, go for the Damier Azur key holder:tup:.
  5. Please don't forget to vote for one of the straps as well! I will *need* it for my wallet. Thank you!

  6. i voted for the Azur 4 key holder.
  7. Azur key holder!
  8. Azur Key Holder - best value for its practicallity (s/p).
  9. Damier Azur 4 Keys Holder.
  10. I'd say get the azur key holder! I want one too!
  11. I would get the azur keyholder and the Dragonne Strap first.:yes:
  12. Love the azur key holder. It looks really cute and practical.
  13. Azur key holder - it's classy. I'm buying the ebony version for my bf to encourage him to save up for that new car
  14. Another vote for key holder. (I personally think the chain looks best on the wallet)
  15. Leather Address Tag (love it as a key holder!) and dragonne strap.