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  1. I just got permission to buy a brand new bag, a wallet, and either one pair of shoes OR one agenda and cles. So, in other words... I NEED HELP!!!

    What bag to get?? What wallet?? I want them all matching!! LOL.

    I go to high school as some of u know, so I need something practical for that. Messenger bags are okay, and I prefer bags in Mono Canvas. As long as theyre not the same looking messenger bags 'cos I already have the Bosphore PM and the Reporter PM. Is the "NIL" okay??

  2. i'll grab a Batignolles Horizontal, a brazza wallet (or a Vernis ludlow), and the koala agenda and a monogram cles.
  3. Oh one more thing: I'm a guy, so no lady-type bags please LOL.
  4. the Nil is pretty much similar to the Reporter imo. how about a Montsouris or Bosphore backpack?
  5. deluxeduck, thanks but I have those two.
  6. what about the new Congo?
  7. Yeah I was thinking about the Congo too. But some people told me it looked "cheap" because of the crosshatch thing at the front. I'm gonna go see it IRL though and see if it does anything for me.
  8. Why not go for an Agenda and a Cles... the Agenda, I'd go for Monogram Canvas and the Cles in Damier Azur? :shrugs:

    Just a suggestion. :smile:
  9. JOHN 5, thanks! I LOVE the azur cles!


    So what bag / wallet would u reccomend?
  10. You're welcome! ;)

    A bag that I'd recommend... there aren't that many Monogram Canvas Messenger bags that I can think of that aren't already listed... Abbesses?

    A wallet I'd recommend is the 6 CC Wallet in whichever line you'd like. :smile:
  11. if this is your very first MONSTER shopping trip, i would say go for the BAG+AGENDA+WALLET+CLES, get many thing as possible lol:devil:. I am sure it will be a unforgettable LV shopping experience.

    my choice of the combination for you will be :
    damier messenger melville+ brown taiga medium ring agenda+damier multiple wallet+moka epi cles

    this way you can have things from different line, and most important thing is, the color goes together!!