Planners/Agendas on Sale

  1. Does anyone know if there are any sales on Coach, Kate Spade, or any other designer planners or agendas?
  2. ^^I just bought a Kate Spade Wellesley Debra pocket organizer in poppy for $80.00 from her store in Chicago. I live in MD and called the D.C. store hoping to find one in stock. The SA who was super helpful located one in Chicago. She had it shipped to me within a week and the shipping was free.

    The organizer is currently selling for $116.00 on kate's site and that is the sale price!
  3. if u live in the chicago area, there is a coach and kate spade outlet in aurora. they have tons of stuff and it's really priced well.
  4. the coach outlets usually have the agendas...
  5. Coach outlets usually have Agendas :smile:

    I got mine for my 20th birthday from the Coach Outlet in Williamsburg, VA for $25! :biggrin: They were having one of their super sale weekends. Wish I had grabbed more :smile: