Planners -- again looking for refills


Dec 30, 2007
I bought several planners. Wanted one originally. I don't know why I do that if i get one I want another for a back up size difference etc, ya know?
Anyway I digress...

Now I am looking for the refills for 2010. Many fPFers suggested Target Walmart, Staples etc. But I have not been having much luck at all.

I need the 3 by 5 small size and the 5 by 8 legacy stripe size.

Many places seem to sell just the snap ring type, not the wire bound. I did find one I really like at Barnes & Noble (see pic) but the wire binding is a good but thicker than the small wires on Coach which will make the already large & heavy legacy larger & heavier. Interestingly I have had no luck with the 3 by 5 at all & I thought that would be the easier of the two..

If anyone knows a specific place to find one that works, besides buying the pricier ones from Coach, PLMK.



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