Planner/ organizers.. do you prefer the big ones or the small ones?

  1. planners/ organizers...

    do you prefer the ones that are like 3x 5 or the ones that are like 4x 8?

    the ones that are small or the big ones?
  2. I like the small ones for personal stuff, and the big ones for work/school.
  3. I have a 4 x 6 Filofax. This is the perfect size IMO as it's not too small so I don't skimp on what i need to write, and not too big so it goes in nearly all my bags or my laptop briefcase just fine!
  4. I have a GM LV mono agenda for desk & a smaller for handbag but have to say I prefer the large. hate trying to write in small agendas
  5. I use a 5x8 agenda. It's a bit big but I usually usee bigger bags so it fits in.
  6. i used 2 always use bigger ones then i bought an adorable coach one in the smallest size cause it was adorable and pink leather and now im sooo glad i got this one, i realize now that even for school i really dont need all the xtra room in the large one, the small size is actually perfect! :smile:
  7. A small one, but then again I don't use it much... I alaways froget to write in it which defeats the purpose
  8. I use a 5x8 filofax. the smaller ones just seem fiddly to write in!
  9. Correction! Guess mine is actually a 5 x 7 Filofax, sorry. I have it in black. My old one (dark green leather) died after 10 years of hard core use so it was a fun splurge getting a new one! :tup:.
  10. I like to use a small planner so i can throw it in any handbag I'm carrying to jot down things. I also can't use one with rings because I'm a leftie and it's too awkward.
  11. I use to use a large planner until I bought my treo now I just use outlook for my planner. However, I still carry a small organizer(4x6) for note and other things.
  12. I use the small one, i.e. Hermes GM Zip. It can fit in both my shopping bag and office bag. I find it practical with the zip around.
  13. i like my small LV mono agenda. fits in my purse!
  14. I use a small one because if it is too, then I won't carry it as much, which defeats the purpose for me. If I don't have it on me, I won't enter stuff in it.
  15. I prefer a small one to carry around, but usually have a large one at work for work related appointments. But my Blackberry eliminates most of that. I would totally recommend a Blackberry or Treo or iPhone to anyone who likes to be organised. You cannot imagine the number of times I have been grateful to have internet access and my emails in the palm of my hand. Very useful!