Planets at 50% discount in Balenciaga Singapore

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  1. If you like these little ones, check out Balenciaga at Hilton. Colours available are white, black, blue. Singapore $250.:P
  2. Saw these some weeks ago, but too small to be practical. Hmmm... for that price, perhaps could buy and re-sell on eBay? :graucho:
  3. agree.. for coins, pins and small little things that go missing...
  4. I love these things too. Ever try digging for lip balm in a Day bag?? OMG!! LOL!
  5. I got all happy when I saw the thread Title and then I saw they were in the heck could I get one from the Hilton in Singapore?
  6. what?! they're now at 50% off? crap, and I paid full retail for mine! Given that I bought 4, I could have gotten 8 boobies!
  7. I was just at the store yesterday, but didn't notice them! When did you go?

    Yeah! For the amounts they go on Ebay, I'm thinking I ought to buy and resell them on Ebay! :graucho:
  8. Are they $250 retail or $250 on sale?
  9. Not sure cos I don't know how much they usually retail for. But I'm assuming S$250 after the 50% discount based on the above quote. :shrugs:
  10. $250 is after the discount. And that is 250 SGD, not USD.
  11. there's no buying/selling here please.

    Hm..I did just get one of those cute pods from Atelier.Naff's site though....
  12. Liz you already got it? email me a picture! Would love to see it!
  13. Did any of you notice if the white ones had silver HW or pewrter HW please?
  14. Hey guys, we don't allow people to buy or sell at all.
  15. Yikes ... I'm kind of sorry that I ever posted (ages ago) that I not only :heart: these *babies*, but I seriously use them in my travels. Not only are they great for keeping spare change (coins - and with 2 sides, you can carry different currency), but I also put my Lip Gloss, spare mints, etc. in the other side. With everyone snapping them up for resale, they makes me :crybaby: [sad] ...