1. i am soo angry right now! Has anyone had any GOOD experiences with this site?

    So this is the story: I have purchased clothes in-store before from Planet Funk but it was my first experience ordering from the website. I got a pair of True Religions for $214 and received them with the tag ripped! I didn't think much of it but when I tried it on, I felt the size didn't feel right so I sent the jeans (in the condition I received them) back for a refund. Then I don't hear from them for a week and so I email them and get an email back saying they sent my jeans back to me because the tag was removed and I can't get a refund!! :mad::mad: What am I going to do with jeans that don't fit??

    Anyone have any advice? :cry:
  2. If you can't get your money back, maybe try ebay?
  3. Try calling them again and telling them that you received the jeans in that exact condition and it's absolutely ridiculous for them to refuse a refund for a faulty product. And if throwing a fit doesn't work.. ebay is the next best thing. I've gotten rid of a few things I couldn't return that way, but the downside is that you don't get the full retail price back. But I guess that's better than getting NO money back.

    Good luck! I hope they take back those jeans!
  4. Wonder if their response would be the same if they knew how many people are reading about the kind of customer service they are dishing out.
  5. yeah, you need to talk to a manager there and explain the sitch to them. And if they don't indulge your return, call your CC and instruct them NOT to pay.
  6. Try taking them back to the store, instead of sending them back to the online retailer. You should get better service face-to-face.
  7. that is ridiculous. do not let them get away with this
  8. swankymama is right, you can absolutely follow this up through your credit card co.
  9. Not even to exchange them for a bigger size?!
  10. AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA i never thought i would ever see that site/name/store come up in my life ever again.

    so sorry, but i'm not laughing AT YOU, i'm laughing at PF. i used to be an asst manager at the Hollywood & Highland location.. and i absolutely abhored working there... yes I was still living in OC at the time (it was a 100mi round trip. >_<)

    ANYwaysss: the store level won't take back the purse because it's an online purchase.. they're two different "channel"s, but you could try anyway.

    first go to the store level manager, then if nothing works, I suggest calling their corporate office (located in LA, off wilshire), and ask to speak to Courtney, she's the district manager (at least she was still DM when I worked there, which was back in august-ish).

    1-877-234-FUNK (3865)

    by the way, if you find a style you like in the store, but dont have a size, you can get them to look for it and get it transferred to your local store and get it then.

    hah... oh man.. PF was totally not a fun place to work.. *shudder*
  11. try calling a SA at the store - maybe they will be able to assist you better than the webmaster on the site?
  12. haha my thoughts exactly. I just emailed them giving them a tiny piece of my mind but I don't think email works the same as talking in person (I'm not an aggressive person in general but stuff like this makes me mad!!). Thanks everyone for the advice so far :biggrin:

    Speaking of customer service, I think has BY FARRRR the best customer service out of any online clothes site ever :lol::lol::lol: i adore them!! :love::love::love: anyone agree?
  13. ^ I agree with you on Shopbop. I've never had problems ordering clothing from them.

    I also think that you should report them to the Better Business Bureau. How rude! Good luck, and give them hell!
  14. Final outcome:

    So I emailed Customer Service one last time with a very straight-forward no BS e-mail stating the courses of action, all you lovely ladies suggested :love:, I would be willing to take (filing a CC dispute, reported them to the BBB) and...

    They let me exchange those jeans for something else
    ! :biggrin:
    Originally I just wanted a refund b`cuz I didn`t want to deal with them anymore but an exchange was the next best thing.

    Just wanted to thank y`all for your time and advice. :lol::lol::lol:
  15. ^ Yay! I'm glad everything worked out for you. They would've lost a lot of customers had they not attempted to please you and work with your situation that was purely their fault!