Planet LuLu Sale - Nov 28th

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  2. be careful, the sold very fake Rock & Republic on the last sale
  3. As per Sara's comment regarding fake jeans. Our firm sells Rock and Republic—as in a rep firm that calls on major department stores, etc.

    We are quite familiar with Planet LuLu—and those were NOT fakes.

    Unless you have a pair and can verify your claim, your remark would be considered slanderous! It is my understanding from corporate that this company is in A+ standing with the manuf.

    Frankly, in the off-price clothing business, I would conclude that PL is one of the very few retailers that goes out of their way to not sell fakes. As a rep, they have turned down many offers in the marketplace if there was any quesiton about their authenticity.

    I'm not a PL shopper—I don't need to buy retail or off-price given my position in the clothing industry. But I can tell you, the likelihood of having an authenticity issue with them is zero. Though I have heard of some shipping problems coming from them, though that's likely due to their popularity and that they're a small group.

    The funny thing is, when people make claims about something being fake, they never really had a (pair or item), yet they make the claim thinking they are safe from legal action. (sorry, went to law school).

    I wouldn't be suprised if PL went after people that made these claims. I know they have before. (it was posted on the Elle board by someone who got slammed by them and is now in bankruptcy, blah blah).

    Oh, and you can email me if you have questions. I'm out of New York city in a boutique firm. My email is listed here at Purse forum.

    Caveat Emptor—Think before you write. Verify before you claim!

    PSS: If you have doubts about the authenticity of goods, ask for a certificate of auth. Most retailers have them. PL does! I've asked.
  4. little J if you are a rep for lulu please everyone is allowed to post their opinions and observations! Sara is not slandering PL and you saying "I wouldn't be surprise if PL went after people that made these claims" Come on!! You're joking right cause I can't stop laughing, I am sure they are not in bankruptcy!! This is ridiculous!! Yes Buyer beware but its has nothing to do with think before you write!! You say buyer beware and then you are saying they aren't selling fakes is hypocritical!! There was no reason for this outrageous response you gave, you certainly won't be scaring anyone off!! See YA!!
  5. unfortunately, i didn't save the pictures to prove this. i didn't want to buy a fake pair of jeans just to prove they were fake. the shape of the "R"s was off, denim looked cheap, and wash looked off.
  6. GYM you really don't need to explain yourself to her! She is obviously on this forum for one reason only!!
  7. little "j" you are SO SMART! thank you for your kind and generous warning! how could sara be so silly as to post her experience on an open forum. I mean, you went to law school and work at a REAL firm, so you must know more than the rest of us. I am truly humbled by your thoughtful post, and not at all suspicious of your motives for posting! Shame on you, Minnie, for chastising someone who's clearly only here to help! ;)
  8. Interesting how someone who claims to have gone to law school doesn't have a better command of their Latin maxims - or of the law regarding slander for that matter.

    Also interesting that J claims their email is listed in their TPF profile but when you click on send an email, it tells you that the user has opted not to receive email.

    Hypothetically speaking, if I was an attorney, I would never fully admit it on a public message board since I wouldn't want my advice to be interpreted as legal advice, particularly at the risk of it being so interpreted in a jurisdiction where I was not licensed to practice law and could therefore open myself up to the possibility of allegations of ethical violations. But that's just me. The attorneys I know are pretty paranoid about that kind of thing.
  9. SHAME ON ME!!!:roflmfao: