Planet LuLu online sale.

  1. Hello,

    Planet LuLu Sample Sale - Women's Top Designer Brands at Discount Prices is having an online sample sale, it started last night and it ends at 10pm tonigh (pst). They have great deals on jeans, taverniti, seven, 575 - I just bought a pair of Taverniti jeans for 79.00 that are listed for 209.00 at revolve clothing...make sure you check it out!!!:yahoo:
  2. heard they're selling some fake rocks and reps from authenticforum, though there is still debate on whether or not it's intentional. just did a search on here too, and seems there are a lot of suspicions regarding lulu....just a heads up!
  3. I have ordered from them in the past (small beaded purses that I gave my future daughter-in-law to give as bridesmaid gifts at her wedding). I have no idea whether they sell counterfeit merch, but can tell you that their customer service is iffy. They sent my order to someone in Texas, and sent me HERS, and the only way we could straighten it out was to fix it ourselves. We never did get reimbursed for postage costs.
  4. they have Bad CS, not sure if the Sevens are real, but the Joes are
  5. they were selling some terrible fake r&r. i don't trust them and i also heard their CS is bad.
  6. they never have anything i want... or if there is something i like, my size is not available... and yes, i've also heard/read about their terrible CS.
  7. Sounds like a sale to be avoided--too bad!
  8. has anyone heard of fake livs or james perse out there. the livs are sooo cheap - just want them for slippers around the house and i love james perse and they have a great deal on the shorts but want nothing to do with fakes:throwup:
  9. i've dealt with themin the past.

    i bought a real pair of sevens, but their customer service is HORRRIBLE!

    avoid if it's something you don't need... i had to remind them to ship my order after 3 weeks.