planet boobie so cute!!

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  1. Yeah ... I was bidding on this (as it would match my new Medium Padded perfectly) ... and then I get a message from eBay indicating that my bid had been cancelled and to review it on eBay.

    So, I look at the auction on eBay ... according to the message, the Seller ended the listing early as the item was "no longer for sale ...". Totally pisses me off ... :cursing: :crybaby:
  2. Aww.. bummer, this is sooo cute, and it would have looked adorable with your other boobies !
  3. Oh no! I'm dying for boobies!!
  4. me too....
    any idea where i still can get one?
  5. I think they are still in production. I saw a few at my local Bal boutique. You might want to try NM, etc. or Bal NY?