Planes,Trains & Automobiles...traveling with your B-Bag

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  1. My DH and I are taking a ski trip soon and I'm wondering if it's too abusive to take along my baby: My bbag (rouge vif city). I want to use it as much as possible, and I would always keep it with me (carry it on the plane, etc.) but has anyone had bad experiences doing this-- i.e., it's too hard on the bag? Any input would be appreciated!
  2. Well, when I went to the US last summer I used my Rouille Day as one of my carry-ons, and she held up wonderfully. If anything its all the use after I got back that's worn her in. :biggrin:. Only thing I did do was get a spare plastic bag to put on the floor under the seat so my baby wouldn't be touching the floor directly.
  3. I haven't done any traveling yet, but when I go on vacation this year I plan on taking my city with me. Good luck and I am sure that the other ladies can be more help.
  4. I'm taking my Day bag to Italy in two weeks. I'm a little hesitant, but my stepmom is there now and had her wallet stolen out of her bag without her even knowing until it was too late, so I want to take a deep bag. And on the Day the zipper is right under my arm, so a pickpocket would have a really hard time getting in there without touching me enough that I would notice.
  5. I'm considering taking my GH natural work with me on an upcoming trip...
    I might have to rethink...I'm worried about getting her dirty.
  6. I took my Marron Weekender to Vegas a few weeks ago and she is fine! I had hawk eyes on her at all times though!:roflmfao:
  7. It depends on where I'm going. When I went to Spain I didn't bring it with me because I knew I was going to spend most of the time on the beach - that's the only trip I didn't bring my bbag (we have the same bbag btw)!
  8. No because mine is white but the rouge should be okay
  9. I'll be taking mine with me on the airplane. I have no choice, I bought her abroad so I have to get her home somehow! I'll definitely bring her on my carry on though - would never put her in my suitcase! I'm only getting a small First, though.
  10. One of my days is always my first choice - super comfy and enough room even to stuff a light sweater and unanticipated purchases. But I always put it in another bag for protection (washable Sportsac tote) for going thru security and under the plane seat.
  11. Yeah, I use my City for when I travel too - it's light and totally not flashy, so it's a great designer bag to hold my stuff both as a carry on and as a bag!
  12. I've travelled with my black city many a time and she has come out beautifully, but now that I have a baby who has a thing for the tassles on all my Bbags I may not when I'm travelling alone with her but only because she so wants to pull them and even bite them and frankly travelling with a child is stressful enough especially on a 21 hour flight (which I am going on later on this week)!!!!:nuts:
    I guess apart from the above my only hesitation is if the Bbags were of lighter colours, but yours should be fine and of course please do bring a clear bag to protect HER under the seat etc. HAVE FUN SKIING!
  13. ^girlie, a child gnawing on Bbag tassels, now THAT is a cute picture :tender:

    Great tips everyone!! I love the idea of a clear bag to protect under the seat, I'll definitely do that. Thanks so much all!
  14. hmm... i never go skiing, but i took my b bags to travel on beaches :yes:
    i'd prefer to take my black or darker b bags to avoid things :P