Plane crashes into building in NYC

  1. I was just told this, I'm still at work, does anyone have any information about this? I don't have any access to a TV right now.

    Someone turn on their TV and tell me what's happening. :sad:
  2. This is what I found on

    [​IMG] A small plane has crashed into a building in New York City. No further details immediately available. Watch live on CNN Pipeline now.
  3. According to BBC news, a small plane has crashes into a building in Manhattan. Thats all the information tey have at the moment. I am loking at the footage, and the damage seems quite small- thankfully.
  4. A Helicopter crashed into a building on the Upper East Side at 72nd
  5. Thanks guys...for a minute there I though it was going to be 9-11 again.
  6. "No reason for belief that it came from a terrorist organization"
  7. That's good news. I really hope that alot of people weren't hurt.
  8. 524 East 72nd street.. an apartment building.

    They just said the FAA has no released whether it was a small plane or helicopter now.

    It hit pretty high up in the building too..
  9. Yikes. I'm watching CNN International now and they it's on the UES near the river...Hmm.
  10. They say it is a 20 story building...
  11. I wish stupid CNN Pipeline would work for me. My grandma freaked because I put on English-TV and she doesn't understand, lol
  12. Now the police of NYC are saying it is a multi-engine small plane?! They all can't make up their minds on what hit...
  13. This is awful.
  14. the building may be called "the bel Air" apartment building