Plane crash in Oregon...

  1. Yesterday there was a plane crash in Oregon. I am not sure if anyone saw it on the news. It was pretty intense. Hillsboro, Oregon was holding their annual 2 day air show. One of the planes that was being shown at the event was leaving for home (southern California) and shortly after take off crashed into a residential area. It landed directly on one home and flames engulfed two surrounding properties. Really traumatic time. In the 19 year history of the air show this has never happened. The gentleman was a 73 year old attorney from So. Cal. Thank God no one in the area was hurt (other than the Pilot :crybaby: ). One fireman had to be rushed to the hospital over heat exhaustion. Scary enough I was right there. My husband and I were driving to the petstore and in my rear mirror I saw the column of smoke. We immediately turned around and went to the area which was literally blocks away from where we had our wedding pictures taken. The national guard was there immediately and thankfully evacuated the neighborhood.
  2. i saw this on the news yesterday at work. none of us could believe it.

    for non oregonians -- the air show is HUGE deal. HUGE. and it's thought of as one of the safest events of the year for both partcipants and atendees. it's a big family thing.

    how sad. :sad: i wonder what happened?
  3. I hate to hear about anything like this, anywhere. So sad.
  4. This happened near my home.

    You can still smell the jet fuel.

    My heart goes out to the pilot's family. He was absolutely heroic. He did everything he could to try to reach an open field in order to spare others and missed it by just a few yards. He was an incredible pilot with impeccable skill.

    Another miracle was that a dog survived in the house that took the direct hit. Other than minor injuries to his front paws and reeking of jet fuel, he's fine. His owner missed being in the house herself by only 15 minutes.

    There WERE people in the house that took the indirect hit. They happened to be at the opposite end of the house and were able to escape unharmed.
  5. I hadn't heard of this. It's absolutely tragic. My heart goes out to the pilot's family, and I truly find him heroic for his attempts to reach an open field, he probably saved many people from death.
  6. I was watching the news again last night.
    This was pilots second time crashing into a house (I believe the first time was something like 17 years ago - I could be wrong on the time frame).
    He was also an attorney that specialized in plane crash victims.