Plan B Yellow or Hazelnut? Help a RM gal decide!

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  1. Should I get a plan B in yellow (the color looks different than the MAM I bought) or hazelnut or just skip it until I see the new colors next week????
  2. I vote for the plan B in yellow - it looks gorgeous!
  3. plan b yellow.
  4. plan B yellow gets my vote but i think you should what till next week to see the new colours b4 deciding!
  5. i say wait for the new colors! Maybe one of the greens will pop up in the plan B. That would be sooo exciting! If an emerald came up in Plan B, i would definitely bump that to the TOP of the RM wishlist ;)
  6. Yep, I'd say wait too. I'm very excited to see what shades of green the Plan B and Nikki come in!
  7. I would hold off unless you are honestly torn between the two and feel like you need to have one or the other. There might be one color in the future who will be a clear winner!
  8. thanks ladies I am not reall torn so I am goign to wait as I agree a greenish plab B would be 2df!!! Especailly if it's s a greenish/blue turquoise with silver hardware.....sigh
  9. love love love the plan b yellow and I really want one for myself!! Will have to wait for mine!
  10. I would wait for the new colors! I'm going to the Owl's Lab Trunk Show on the 19th, so I'll try to get some pics of the new colors so everyone can start making new wish lists;)
  11. Ahh that would be great!!! thank you!
  12. I absolutely adore the plan B in yellow, however good things come to those who wait ;) and then if none of the new colors appeal to you go with the yellow.
  13. yellow gets my vote too. it is really nice.
  14. I am loving the yellow, but I say wait for new colors.
  15. Good choice on waiting, might as well wait a little longer, and you could always get the yellow later on.
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