Plan B - not sure what colour to get! Help!

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  1. I'm looking to buy the Plan B Hobo, and I'm torn between Tangerine, Dusty and Onyx.



    My favourite is the tangerine, but I always try to buy things that will be usable for years to come (IE no pop colours.) Dusty comes in a close second, it's just that the tangerine seems to have more of a sheen to it, and looks a little more special. And the Onyx I can get for ~$350 from a friend (which is really the only reason I would get it - I'm not too into black bags anymore.)

    What do you all think, is tangerine a one season only colour? Will it be a classic? What should I get?
  2. daph- i personally think the tangerine is good to wear for spring, summer, and fall....

    I personally like the tangerine Plan B the most because its not two toned! Check out the code reference thread that RileyRoow started, and see if you can get a good deal on the tangerine Plan B... if not get the Onyx from your friend, and use a code for Label360 to get the tangy MAM i see on your wishlist:graucho:

    I see you updated your signature. My lazy butt finally did too! Its funny i can sit on the forum for hours and ramble on and on in reply to threads, but i won't take time to update my signature...
  3. I have the Plan B in tangerine and definitely think this is the best of all the Plan B colors right now. And I will rock it year-round with no problem. It really goes with so much I can see myself carrying it for a long time.

    I like the Onyx/Charcoal sometimes depending on what website I view it on. Though the leather looks very shiny and stiff on several websites.

    Dusty is so light I would be constantly paranoid of getting dirt/stains on it.
  4. I agree with Desi and Knasarae, I'd go with the tangerine! I have the MAB and it's absolutely my favorite color. It goes with a lot, and I don't think it's 'loud' enough to go out of style! ::smile:
  5. I have to agree with everyone else about getting the tangerine. I know you said you are worried about the tangerine being a now color, but I think that the things you truly love never go out of style. Especially handbags ... they just become vintage right? If you couldn't bring yourself to use it when the color is no longer an *in* color I still think (IMHO) I would rather get a purse that I might use for a couple years and absolutely love it, than buy a purse that I will have forever, but never get any real pleasure from it. I hope that makes sense. Good luck with your decision!
  6. Get the tangy, mama! :tup:
  7. :tup: what pp said the tangy!!!!
  8. Tangerine. Ther dusty is so soft and matte that its a magnet for scratches and dirt, lovely color but high maintenance IMO. Tangy can go three seasons easily and is more resiliant leather finish.
  9. daphodil, why don't you try ebay? i personally like the dusty. the tangerine is great but on the lb site the dusty came out better.
  10. I have a tangy MAM and its actually a suprisingly neutral color, I can match it to about half my wardrobe (which very practical and not loud at all)
  11. Yes I just saw it today on their site! They just added it. So my opinion is tangerine since you can use 3 season and heck maybe even year around. And if not, I was going to suggest the yellow because I feel in love when I saw that on the Bloomies site today! I think dusty is pretty but will be a dirt magnet and onyx won't stand out as much for that beautiful bag. I say go for the color you love the most. I have the tangerine MAM and it goes with most of my wardrobe as well. But I am sure whatever you get will be great!
  12. Did that yellow really need to pop up!? I was ready to get my tangerine plan b and was looking for the best price possible... but now that yellow looks fabulous too!

    Does anyone know where I can get the best Plan B in Tangy? I've been looking through the reference thread but all those discounts have my head spinning.

    thanks for your opinions!
  13. The only place I've seen a tangarine Plan B lately is lunaboston, which has 20% off with grechen.
  14. If you can get the plan B in tangerine from lunaboston - definitely go for that option. Their return policy is awesome and you don't want to risk them selling out.

    BTW - I love that yellow, too! I would totally get it if I didnt' already have plans to get the MAB in yellow/sterling.