Plan B in Tangerine

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  1. Anyone know where I can get a Plan B in Tangerine (other than the RM site), thatll ship to Canada?

    I desperately want one after seeing knasarae's new one.

  2. Have you contacted Luna Boston? I know they are sold out right now but they might be getting more back in.
  3. I have not! thanks for the suggestion =)
  4. has the plan B in Tangerine..
  5. try you'll probably have to email them though...

    I THINK funkylala may have it also.
  6. Thanks guys!!! you are awesome!
  7. Luna Boston has it available in very limited quantities...they ship international but you have to call and do it over the phone they don't do it can use the grechen code and get 20% off..
  8. Thanks Kimber!! I was just going to ask if anyone knew where I could get it for a discounted price =)
  9. Your welcome!!!Let us know if you decide to get it :smile: