Plan b baby

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm still shocked from the news but I'm pregnant. I took plan b two weeks ago and this was unexpected so I don't know what to think yet. I'm keeping the baby by all means, and my boyfriend is supportive, but this I something I had planned for next year or even the next.

    I'm shocked because with my x husband, we had TTC for one year and nothing happened. Now this time I wasn't even sure I needed to take plan b but I did just in case and I got pregnant. According to my period app, I was ovulating and on my green period..

    I've read that some women get pregnant easier with plan b!!!

    Anyone else had a plan b baby?
  2. I got pregnant on the pill this will be number 4 ....Congrats you are in for a ride!!!

  3. Did the doc say it was ok? I'm calling my doc tomorrow to get my first appointment. I'm only four weeks
  4. Ya there's nothing wrong with that
  5. I have a friend that got preg on the patch. She did not find out until she was almost 4mths and wore it the whole time. Her daughter is 10 now and never had any complications from it.
  6. Thanks for the reassurance! I'm still shocked but I've been reading about a LOT of women getting pregnant even with Plan b!