plain or woven bottega --opinion please

  1. I am not sure whether to go for a woven mini tote in chocolate brown( adjustable handle,open tote with inner zipper pocket with mobile phone pocket -nappa leather) or a plain chocolate brown shoulder bag with woven handle(2 pockets on either side with central zipper--deerskin).
    Any help will be appreciated .which is more durable -the nappa or deerskin.
    Thanks a lot
  2. Would it be possible for you to you point out which ones you mean on the BV website?
  3. woven.. since the chances of the scratched leather is more with plain leather AND woven is the most desirable bags of BV.
  4. the woven is the mini tote which is there in the BV website in lemon and white color with the scarf and the plain is the woven handle detail in white on the nap website - but of both are in chocolate brown --thanks chloehandbags
  5. i like the plain
  6. I am not into woven bags, period. Not my thing. They remind me of a bag my mom carried that I never really cared much for. I am going with plain.
  7. I just love the woven BVs, the leather is so soft. The ball bag my all time favourite. I want to be burried with it so I say go for the woven.
  8. Woven - love it.
  9. thanks everyone --which of the 2 styles look nice

  10. I like both woven and plain leather BVs, but I think I prefer the shape of the Woven Strap Handbag on NAP and I'd like it even better in chocolate. :yes:

    No problem, BTW. :biggrin:
  11. What about the woven hobo in chocolate?
  12. basically i dont like the look of it
  13. Now that's really loving your handbag!:lol:

    And I also agree with pinkish_love, the plain could have the possibility of scratching more. I love the BV woven too:yes:
  14. the plain is not smooth plain but has a pebbled surface as per the SA ,but she said it is more durable compared to nappa leather
  15. definitely woven ! the plain ones would scratch the bottega is really known for their signature woven bags, i love my bottega woven bags they are my absolute favorites