plain new studs for mom!

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  1. I'm a bit clueless when it comes to jewelry, I was wondering where I can purchase a very simple pair of studs. My mom just lost one from her favorite pair - it wasn't anything great. It was a very cheap pair of fake diamond (round shape) studs that she bought from H&M.

    She's very low maintenance and isn't extravagant at all but I love her dearly and she's been going through a rough time lately. Her birthday is coming up and I JUST landed a job that I actually REALLY wanted. (It took all summer for me because I'm picky).

    While I would love to buy her diamond earrings, I don't have the income yet for it especially since her birthday is coming up in a few weeks. (i think once i make some money and save, i'll buy her something nice from tiffany's) Plus she doesnt like to wear things that cost a lot because she knows she'll end up hiding it in her jewelry box.

    I'm just looking for a simple cubic zirconia pair of studs, in white gold or even sterling silver but from a trusted name/brand/retailer (preferably in the NYC area) where the backings won't be of such crappy quality so she won't lose her earrings again. I was just thinking of going to Jewelers on Fifth LOL! but just wanted some feedback

    sorry for the very long entry for the very simple question! TIA! :drool:
  2. sorry i cant help you with a referral but i think it's wonderful that you're such a thoughtful daughter. whatever you end up giving her, your mom is very lucky!
  3. Maybe HSN or QVC? I've seen their diamond simulants and they're decent and not ridiculously large. They also come in real gold and sterling silver. Also, Lord and Taylor's sells them in sterling silver.
  4. Awww how sweet of you! You could check on they have quality studs that cost less because they're sold like a warehouse.