Plain and Simple: How Much Does It Cost?

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  1. Plain and simple:

    A current-issue lambskin classic flap with gold hardware - how much does it cost?

    Is there currently more than one size classic flap being made? I'd like to know the average price for each size, then, though I'm sure it's the 10" size I'm thinking of.

    Does the classic flap ever go on sale in any New York City store? And if it does, how much is the sale price likely to be?

    These questions have been on my mind since forever, so please answer soon!:girlsigh:
  2. There are four different sizes for the classic flap. Mini (extremely small, picture a VHS tape cut in half), small, med/lrg, and jumbo.

    No idea how much the mini or the small cost, because too be honest they're not nearly as popular as the med/lrg and jumbo.

    Small - $1,795.00 for Caviar - Now
    $1,950.00 for Lambskin-Now
    Medium - $1,995.00 Caviar - Now $2350
    $2,150.00 for Lambskin-Now $2495
    Jumbo - $2,250.00 Caviar - Now $2650
    $2,450.00 for Lambskin - Now $2,850

    Some of the above only have the old prices and not the updated prices. Generally you can add about $300-400 to get the new price.

    Classic flaps basically never go on sale because they are constantly in demand. The only Chanel bags that ever go on sale are the ones that absolutely NO ONE wants. I've also heard of SA's discounting bags that may be missing something or slightly defective.
  3. I'll close this as we already have other current threads for current price questions and sale questions.
    Feel free to do a search:yes:
    Thanks! :biggrin:
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