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  1. Hey gals,
    I've been seeing a lot of plaid out there lately. I was thinking of getting this cute little plaid jacket at Nordstrom's, but I'm not sure what I REALLY think of plaid. Is it clownish looking or is it in style now? What do you all think?
  2. The only plaid I like is burberry plaid and that is on small things like accessories. I think if you get a plaid coat, make sure you keep everything else neutral otherwise it could be too busy.

    If you like the coat go for it as long as it fits nicely and you like how you look, then wear it with confidence and buy it!
  3. Plaid can work when paired with other plain pieces - IMO.

    I think it also depends on the color combo within the plaid. If you go for the jacket I would recommend thinking about what you pair it with.
  4. It's short sleeve, blue/white/beige plaid combo which I thought would look cute with jeans. I've never worn plaid, so I'm not sure about it.
  5. ^^ sounds cute and I love the color combinations. I was thinking it would be that red, black, and green plaid which is very school girl to me.
  6. Doesn't sound bad to me. I say go for it and if you find yourself not wearing it within 2 weeks then return it.
  7. i would never have touched this until i bought a plaid pencil skirt from vivienne westwood last year and i love it. it wouldnt be a good look head to toe though.
  8. I think it depends on the style. I prefer plaid things to be fitted, so it's not too much. I have a strapless red plaid dress which I'll be wearing with a white top so it's not too much.
  9. I think a plaid piece mixed into an otherwise plain outfit looks cute. It is really easy to over do though IMO. If you wear the jeacket with jeans and a tee/sweater I think it will look good.

    Which brand is it? Is it from a store or online? They made on by Halogen a few years ago in the same color combination and I'm still kicking myself for not buying it before my size was sold out.
  10. I think that plaid can look nice if it's paired well. I'd say no or minimum accessories and wear a shirt and pants in cool tones to draw attention away from those areas and onto the plaid so it doesn't look like the rest of the outfit is cluttered.

    I personally think that plaid looks best in darker colors and with a jacket covering part of it, either as a blouse or a skirt.