PLAID Trend - Will it stick around?

  1. Hi everyone!
    Once again I'm looking for advice on a purchase. I want to buy a 3/4 length plaid wool peacoat for winter - i just love them, they're so adorable. They look sophisticated, but still fun. But will plaid coats still be around next season, or the one after? I know none of us are psychics, but what do you think?

    I'm pretty sure the lumberjack / grunge plaid that's happening now is going to be a relatively short phase, but what about as a peacoat / trench?

    Thanks for the opinions!
  2. I think it could have some longevity, it depends on the size & color of the plaid. If it is something subtle like black/white or black/gray, definitely. If it is something more "loud" like red/green large print plaid, I would think it wouldn't last long.
  3. was just about to say the same thing fashion16! if its a neutral colour i believe that itll definitely last!
  4. Agree with fashion16. As far as I'm concerned, classic plaid patterns has always been alive and well.
  5. Plaids are a classic... and if you invest in the Burberry Signature checks, like the nova for e.g.... it will never go away even if the designer like some other colors/patterns for a season or two; since it is its signature, it will always make a come back. Ever asked someone how old their burberry scarf was? It is a timeless piece.
  6. Fourthing fashion16, if you pick fairly quiet colours in a small- or medium-size print you'll be fine. Plaid (at least, dark, classic ones) has been around for ages, it never really goes away.