Plad or Gold Hardware or Both???

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  1. Do you collect bags with one hardware only or purchase the hardware that looks best with the color or what you find available??

    If you have both what do you have more of? Do you then purchase both gold and plad cadenas or just one metal to style?

    Which hardware do you have more of?

    Would you turn down a bag due to hardware? What color combinations would make you turn it down?
  2. I think when choosing a bag, I would have to go with what hardware looks best with the leather color. So far, I only have bags with PH (which I LOVE) and both cadenas that I own are palladium as well but I wouldn't mind getting a bag in the future that had GH and a gold cadena to go with it.

    So, my answer is BOTH.
  3. Hmmmm......well, I think for me it's just worked out that all my bags except my HAC have gold. But the hardware color has never stopped me from buying a bag.....I don't think it would in the future, either although I'm partial to Ruthenium and Gold.
  4. I have both colors.

    The only one that I would turn down is chocolate brown with palladium. I've seen them and love them. But, I would really prefer gold hardware with chocolate brown. Having said that, if there comes a natural barenia with white stitching (toile or whole leather), I think that would look just fabulous with palladium!
  5. All of my bags are gold. I was changing cadenas today and thinking about the ones I would like to find. That lead to thinking that if I got a palladium bag I would have to go out and purchase cadenas in palladium 'cause I love to play with them on my bags changing as the mood suits.
  6. I would really, really love black box with ruthenium!!!! :nuts:
  7. For my earlier purchases, I have to admit I bought what I could find available. One good example is my Gold Togo. It's with palladium hardware and I felt it looked great. But after I saw shopmom's with gold hardware, I'm convinced palladium is not the best with gold. Some may still prefer gold with palladium but I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ...

    Now, I am more specific about what I want ~ Purchase the hardware that looks best with the colour. And waiting isn't going to kill me now ....

    I only have bags with palladium hardware at the moment. And all my cadenas are matching in palladium as well. When I start to get any bags with gold hardware, I am sure I will get matching gold cadenas to go with them.

    I am pretty sure I will turn down a bag if the hardware is not "right" ...
  8. I like the browns with gold too.....and probably the only reason I select Pall h/w when given the choice, is that I wear so much plat and white gold. I like to keep my metals the same, if possible....if not....I go with the flow....:smile:
  9. I feel I choose what looks best with the leather and color of the bag. Once I have a few more bags, I may then try to balance out a what hw I choose to have a little of both.
  10. Good question. I have a mix of gold and silver accessories - watches, earrings etc so I would like a mix of bags, some with PH, some with GH. At the moment, I have gold kelly with GH but my next bag will be PH but probably gold leather also, but a different leather to my Kelly so that it is a different (darker) shade of gold. It would be a lot cheaper if I had stuck to one colour though. Ultimately, I think you should buy the combination you really love, irrespective of your own jewellery and as for combinations that work or not, well sometimes I think certain combinations that 'clash' a bit are quite edgy and modern, so it wouldn't be a problem for me to mix up cool colours of leather with warm gold hardware and vice versa.
  11. Ideally I would choose whichever hardware complemented the bag more, but in reality I have no patience and have taken what has been available to me at the time, except for one order I have pending. Fortunately, those combinations turned out to be what I liked anyway. I don't worry about matching my jewelry.
  12. I really don't worry about it. I wear yellow, white, pink & green gold jewelry and I never really care if it matches. It's that gypsy blood in me.
  13. I gravitate towards palladium HW becuase I just love white metals. That being said, I MAY go with gold HW on the black box Kelly that is hopefully in my future.
  14. My Kelly has ph and my birkin has gold. I like to have a little of each because I wear both gold and platinum and am one of those geeks that have to have all hw matching...I wish I didn't feel like that but I can't help it!
  15. ^^PS it feels so good to say my kelly and my birkin...I couldn't say that just a couple short weeks ago! :smile: