Placing my Balenciaga order today........

  1. You girls will decide for me. Shall it be White, Lilac, or Pale Pink? The color with the most votes in the next couple of hours wins!! :nuts:
  2. White! Hot for the spring.
  3. Of those colors, I would chose white! Which style?
  4. I will be ordering the Med. City!!! :lol:
  5. Does anyone have a White City Med. they can post for me?
  6. White is beautiful!!!!
  7. white or lilac :smile:
  8. Lilac if the white is"stark" versus creamy/ivory.
  9. I don't know your wardrobe - a white bag can be used for years to come; a pastel bag might only be okay for 1 - 2 seasons.
  10. White!
  11. (1) Pale pink, (2) Lilac, (3) White
  12. Having seen the pink and lilac in person, I'd definitely say the pink over the lilac. There's something a bit sickly about the lilac - don't ask me to explain. I don't know about the white - it looks nice to me. So....

    1) White (more versatile) 2) Pink 3) Lilac
  13. white :love:
  14. I think the white....

    Also, I pulled the trigger on this yesterday (you guys are a bad influence). It's pale blue. :love:

  15. OOOOhhhhh!!! Beautiful color, which blue is this?? Is it this seasons?:love: