Placing International Orders - Raisin GCH City


Jun 26, 2008
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Hi Everyone,
I really thot I cld stop buying Bbags but I guess I just can't. I am back to the addicition again.

I am not in the U.S.

Can someone please give me a dummy's guide as to how can i go ahead to place an International Order.

As in which Balenciaga stores ship internationally?
Any decent S.A. to recommend?

Do we fill up a form or just email the S.A. with c.c. details and mailing address is enough for the store to process order?

Lastly it is the Raisin GCH City bag that I just simply can't get over.

Do you know which Bal Stores have it?

Thank u very much.



Nov 30, 2008
I believe most of the US Balenciaga stores ship internationally. I've had experience with Bal Las Vegas & Bal NY. You can also order from Neiman Marcus.

These two threads are helpful in answering some of your questions:

As for the process, it depends on where you buy the bag from. From Bal LV I had to fax over the form with CC details & ID. With NM I just had to send an email with my CC info.

Good luck finding your dream bag!
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Nov 5, 2006
Hong Kong
Welcome back to the addiction ;)

Please do a search in the shopping section, there are plenty information about ordering overseas.

Nearly all Balenciaga official stores will ship their bags overseas.
The two threads that Tooomz provided are very useful!

Normally you can call them to place your order and then fax through your information & purchase form or you can complete the whole process through email.

Good luck!


Jun 26, 2008
In a Sunny Place
hi i emailed some of the stores. milan says will charge me tax free price. Bal LV says tax free only applies when shipping to country without official Bal shop.

Is that right? In that case, I shouldn't be buying from US.

Does Bal London charge without tax price?