placing a birkin order

  1. hi!
    i keep hearing people placing orders for a birkin. how does one go about doing that?
    do i ask to place an order or they have offer it to you?

    thanks i will really appreciate your advice
  2. In my experience you have to have built a relationship with an SA. In some cases, this can be done rather quickly, while in others it can take a long time. I think it depends on the location of the boutique, as well as the personality of the SA/Manager of the store, and, of course, how well you "hit it off" with that person.
    In one boutique where I often shop, I was offered a SO the first time I inquired (!). In another, though, I have had to purchase a veritable multitude of small items, which so far has totalled a few thousand dollars, and though my SA there keeps promising to help me when order time comes around again, it didn't happen this past February.
    In some ways, I personally think it's at least partially luck of the draw! I guess they want to know that you're a serious buyer, and some SAs/Managers are more willing than others to take inquiries at face value.
  3. the reason i asled is because i will be on a cruise this september with a stop in paris. i am on the mission to go to the mother ship store and maybe able to place an order.
    my coworker ordered two birkins from them in the past without a problem,but when i asked the sa at wall street she said that one of her clients who is a very good customer of hermes was told no. she said they select who they want to sell their bags to.
  4. Well, this is going to sound stupid, but why not just place the order at Wall Street?
  5. It varies country by country, store by store and right down to SA to SA.

    I have a couple of friends who have the sweet privilege of being able to order just about any bag they like from Paris. And they arrive very fast. Approximately 6 months. Alot of factors are being considered, so it's hard to mirco-analyse what works and what doesn't. Sometimes it boils down to as subjective as whether the customer is well liked! I know it sounds so horrible, doesn't it? This does not apply just to Hermes. It's everywhere else.

    Please search for all the old threads in the archive about how to go about increasing your chances of getting a Birkin from the Mothership. Good Luck!
  6. Good luck with that, but I can't imagine it being that easy.

    I know in my case, I had made some purchases and developed a relationship with my SA before she asked if I wanted to place a special order.

    however, I'm in agreement with CynthiaNYC...why not just place the order at Wall Street?
  7. go visit hermes george V- I have bought most of my birkins from there and always order from there...less chaotic than the FSH store!..
  8. Is ordering the same as putting your name on the store Wish List?
  9. Hmmmm .... not quite the same IMO.
  10. I put my name on the waitlist and when my it was time to put in the order, my SA called to verify the color,leather,size and hardware I wanted. Isn,t waitlist the same as SO?
  11. When you're placed on the waiting list, you can't specify what you want. If a birkin comes in and you're next on the list, your SA calls you, you come and check it out and decide if it's your flavor. If not, you wait for the next birkin to come in and the bag goes to someone else.For SOs you are allowed to say exactly what you want - leather, color, size, hardware - and, according to my SA, the bag is made according to your specs.
  12. i bought a chartruse birkin at the wall street store. the luck was on my i want something in a neutral color. she said they don't take orders and that i have to check everyday to see what comes in. today i asked on madison about orders from my sa from whom i did buy many small items like belts dogon wallets and scarves. she told me that since it's a flagship store they don't take orders either. she was very nice explaining. my coworker and i are there everyday. we work a block away. no luck yet.
  13. sukkar thank you for your advice. i forgot about that store.
  14. That's not how it works with my SA's. With my SA's I CAN tell them what I want and they put me down on the wishlist just for that. Example: I tell my SA I want a chocolate birkin with gold hardware, size 30cm. If other bags come in that they think I might like that don't meet those specs, they still call.

  15. No it isn't the same.

    Did you place a SO or just get on the wishlist?